9:15 am

Hear how leaders from providers and plans are engaging consumers in the digital age.

Patty Blake
Patty Blake
President, Senior Products
Tufts Health Plan

Kathy Klingler
Kathy Klingler
Senior Vice President; Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing, Digital Strategy, and Consumer Experience
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Kevan Mabbutt
Kevan Mabbutt
Senior Vice President and Chief Consumer Officer
Intermountain Healthcare

Randal Weber
Randal Weber, MD, FACS
Chief Patient Experience Officer
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

10:45 am

Technology is a vital part of an organization’s capabilities and success in leveraging emerging technologies can improve access to health care services and information, as well as drive affordability. Discover how deploying technology and data-driven solutions will positively impact consumers’ lives, improve health care experiences, and drive meaningful change in the health care industry.

Steve Betts
Steve Betts
Senior Vice President; Chief Information Officer
Health Care Service Corporation

11:30 am

As the health care industry goes through digital transformations and move to value-based care, organizations need to redesign their workflow to connect employee-driven change and technology to better understand consumer needs.

  • Discover how other industries are leveraging technology advancements and human-centered change to deliver exceptional experiences
  • Apply successes and failures learned from other industries, who have navigated disruptive transformations, to health care
Neil Gomes
Neil Gomes, MBA, M.Ed., CSM, CSPO
Executive Vice President, Chief Digital Officer
Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health

12:15 pm
1:30 pm
Viraj Patwardhan
Viraj Patwardhan
Vice President, Digital Design and Consumer Experience, Digital Innovation and Consumer Experience (DICE) Group
Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health

1:45 pm

See an integrated health system’s process to standardize a patient engagement platform. This session will highlight a sourcing activity and selection process that began a drive toward system-wide standardization but also the positive impact on the patient experience through new technology.

  • Discuss ways to unite a diverse group of stakeholders in selecting system-wide technology products.
  • Describe a new standard of technology and service that positively impacts the patient experience while reducing costs.
Vanessa Mona
Vanessa Mona
Director, Care Experience
Henry Ford Health System

2:30 pm

Digital health tools have the potential to increase access to care, create personalized care and better engage patients through their health care journey. Join industry leaders to discuss the latest innovations in digital health which enhance the patient experience while decreasing care delivery costs.

  • Explore how innovative digital technologies are being leveraged to guide and support patients along their journey
  • Envision different patient use cases where these digital technologies can have the biggest impact


Sherri Dorfman
Sherri Dorfman, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
Stepping Stone Partners


Hallie Bleau
Hallie Bleau, ACNP-BC
Associate Vice President, Transitional Care Management, Health Solutions
Northwell Health

Rich Boyajian
Rich Boyajian, NP
Program Director, Virtual PSA Monitoring, Radiation Oncology
Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women's Cancer Center

Devin Nadar
Devin Nadar
Senior Manager, Partnerships, Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator
Boston Children's Hospital

3:45 pm

Occasionally service breakdowns leave patients, family members, or visitors feeling as if their expectations have not been met. When that happens, service recovery is the special effort we make to restore trust and confidence. In this session, discuss best practices to enhance patients’ perception of their care experience and the organization’s responsiveness and discover emerging tools to improve service recovery processes.

  • Leverage technology to engage staff and patients through real time survey feedback and service recovery moving to shared service model across all sites
  • Analyze how to quantitatively show service recovery experience outcomes
Lacey A. Hart
Lacey A. Hart, MBA, PMP
Administrator, Customer Experience Relationship Management
Mayo Clinic

4:30 pm

Break down department silos and learn how HR organization development and employee engagement initiatives can join forces to employ subtle behavioral expectations that makes a difference.

  • Introduce and hardwire behavioral expectations to the staff starting from the interview process to the employee onboarding process and beyond
  • Discuss how to get further into the organization and engage employees to apply ideas created by leadership
Christine Holt
Christine Holt
Chief Experience Officer
Holy Redeemer Health System

Kristen Silberstein
Kristen Silberstein
Vice President, Patient Engagement and Chief Experience Officer
Holy Name Medical Center