9:15 am

Hear how leaders from providers and plans are engaging consumers in the digital age.

Patty Blake
Patty Blake
President, Senior Products
Tufts Health Plan

Kathy Klingler
Kathy Klingler
Senior Vice President; Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing, Digital Strategy, and Consumer Experience
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Kevan Mabbutt
Kevan Mabbutt
Senior Vice President and Chief Consumer Officer
Intermountain Healthcare

Randal Weber
Randal Weber, MD, FACS
Chief Patient Experience Officer
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

10:45 am

Technology is a vital part of an organization’s capabilities and success in leveraging emerging technologies can improve access to health care services and information, as well as drive affordability. Discover how deploying technology and data-driven solutions will positively impact consumers’ lives, improve health care experiences, and drive meaningful change in the health care industry.

Steve Betts
Steve Betts
Senior Vice President; Chief Information Officer
Health Care Service Corporation

11:30 am

As the health care industry goes through digital transformations and move to value-based care, organizations need to redesign their workflow to connect employee-driven change and technology to better understand consumer needs.

  • Discover how other industries are leveraging technology advancements and human-centered change to deliver exceptional experiences
  • Apply successes and failures learned from other industries, who have navigated disruptive transformations, to health care
Neil Gomes
Neil Gomes, MBA, M.Ed., CSM, CSPO
Executive Vice President, Chief Digital Officer
Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health

12:15 pm
1:30 pm
Jannienne Jones Verse
Jannienne Jones Verse
Vice President Brand Management; Associate Vice President, System Marketing and Brand Management

1:45 pm

Understand how your organization can drive effective social media integration on all platforms to showcase success, optimize engagement, reach the right audiences, as well as acquire new prospective patients and physicians.

  • Develop strategies to ensure tone and voice are consistent across social media
  • Explore ways to craft branded multimedia and repurpose content to meet the needs of different social media platforms
Elizabeth Whittington
Elizabeth Whittington
Director of Digital Media
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

2:30 pm

With the rise of video consumption across social and digital platforms, it is no longer a nice to have, but a need to have in your marketing strategy. Use video to tell your story, reach new audiences, educate consumers and build your brand.

  • Understand how to make video a part of your well-rounded marketing strategy
  • Examine different tools and effects in video creation to catch consumers’ attention and drive desired results
3:45 pm

Build meaningful relationships with influencers, such as celebrities or community leaders, to help promote your organizations’ brand and mission.

  • Step through opportunities for asset co-creation, channel optimization strategies, and ways to leverage complementary partner brands to build good will
  • Learn how influencers can help guide consumer choice, raise awareness of services, build trust, and enhance your community outreach
David Simpkins
David Simpkins
Vice President, Marketing and Communications, National Capital Region
Johns Hopkins Medicine

4:30 pm

Online presence is key to reach your consumer in the digital era. However, creating cohesion between various platforms can be expensive and time consuming. Discover how to create platforms for all areas of engagement within budget and how to evaluate their coordination.

  • Use analytics to examine how well your platforms perform and to gain market insights
  • Create digital platforms that engage with a variety of audiences to build your brand and create the best user experience
Tom Neumann
Tom Neumann
Executive Director, Marketing, Content and Creative Services
Cleveland Clinic

Amanda Todorovich
Amanda Todorovich
Senior Director, Marketing, Content and Creative Services
Cleveland Clinic