8:30 am
Marianne Fazen
Marianne Fazen, PhD
Executive Director
Dallas Fort-Worth Business Group on Health

8:40 am
  • Discuss the move toward value-based care
  • Explore novel models to maximize access: Deliver quality care at the right place and at the right time
  • Meet employees where they are: Design programs that positively impact an individual’s health and well-being


Marianne Fazen
Marianne Fazen, PhD
Executive Director
Dallas Fort-Worth Business Group on Health


Jason Parrott
Jason Parrott
Senior Manager, Global Healthcare & Well Being Strategy
The Boeing Company

Riddhi Patel
Riddhi Patel
Director, Benefits, US Health and Welfare Design & Data Warehouse

Tom Sondergeld
Tom Sondergeld
Vice President, Global HRIS, Benefits & Mobility
Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA)

9:20 am
  • Gain insight into why a partnership between benefits and training/Organizational Development teams drives better business results
  • Tailor benefits strategies that cultivate an empowered workforce
  • Boost employee engagement through innovative well-being initiatives
  • Influence measurable bottom-line results
Andi Campbell
Andi Campbell
Senior Vice President, People and Culture
LAZ Parking

10:00 am
  • Define the SDoH and the costs associated on health and wellbeing
  • Understand the impact of SDoH on well-being and engagement rates in worksite wellness programming
  • Gain strategies to rethink your approach to improve employee well-being
  • Learn how to incorporate SDoH in wellness program design
Gabrielle Harmening
Gabrielle Harmening, MS, ACSM
Senior Manager, Enterprise Wellness
Health Care Service Corporation

11:10 am

Adopt a Holistic Well-Being Approach to Create a Healthy Workplace Culture

  • Understand the key elements of a holistic well-being program
  • Wellness vs. well-being: Gain strategies to efficiently improve employee health
  • Measure the performance of your holistic well-being program: Compare ROI and VOI
Shazia Arroyo
Shazia Arroyo
Well-Being Manager
Texas Children’s Hospital

Beyond Medical Care: Establish and Manage a Holistic Health and Wellness Center

  • Create an employee health clinic centered on holistic well-being
  • Partner with local health systems and gyms to offer employees a wide variety of health and wellness services
  • Adopt a whole health approach to deliver the most appropriate care at the right time
  • Use mobile apps to monitor daily lifestyle habits such as eating and sleeping patterns to identify care gaps and meet individual health needs
Mary Delaney
Mary Delaney
Vital Incite

Roger McMichael
Roger McMichael
Associate Superintendent, Business Affairs
Carmel Clay Schools

Richard Sutton
Richard Sutton
Employee Benefits Consultant
RE Sutton & Associates

Navigate the Direct Contracting Process: Cross-Sector Perspectives

  • Design a value-based direct contract
  • Identify and eliminate barriers to direct contracting
  • Determine payment and incentive structures
  • Adopt a direct contracting model based on population needs


Marianne Fazen
Marianne Fazen, PhD
Executive Director
Dallas Fort-Worth Business Group on Health


Mick Rodgers
Mick Rodgers
Principal and Managing Partner
Axial Benefits Group

Olivia Ross
Olivia Ross
Associate Director, Employers Centers of Excellence Network (ECEN)
Pacific Business Group on Health (PBGH)

Andy Ziskind
Andy Ziskind
Senior Executive Officer
Southwestern Health Resources

Optimize Self-Insurance: Insights from Rosen Hotels & Resorts

  • Gain strategies to build a self-funded health plan with zero deductibles
  • Hear how Rosen Hotels provides high-quality care at reduced costs to its employees
  • Assess the impact of employee-centric health care benefits on performance, productivity, turnover rates, and time off from work
Ashley Bacot
Ashley Bacot
Risk Manager
Rosen Hotels & Resorts

11:55 am

Use Social Well-Being to Engage a Multi-Generational Population

  • Determine best practices to engage the disengaged
    • Understand the importance of building lasting relationships
    • Address barriers to social well-being and discuss approaches to overcome them
  • Gain strategies to engage a diverse workforce
    • Incorporate wellness engagement strategies for different age groups
  • Learn how to effectively leverage social well-being programs
Jesse Gavin
Jesse Gavin
Wellness Team Lead
Baylor College of Medicine

Build, Develop, Evolve, and Innovate Worksite Clinics: The Pitney Bowes Journey

  • Create programs that expand beyond the clinic walls and meet the needs of remote employees
  • Gain insight on medical case management for office sites without clinics
  • Understand how Pitney Bowes integrates telemedicine within its clinics
Hilary Mitchell
Hilary Mitchell
Director Employee Health Services
Pitney Bowes

Discuss Strategies to Develop and Operate Centers of Excellence (CoE)

  • Launch a CoE network for specialty surgeries
  • Learn how CoEs ensure timely access to care, quick recovery, and sustained health improvement
  • Integrate CoEs into the benefit plan and use as a retention and recruitment tool
  • Explore regional and local community provider partnerships for small procedures
Tom Pela
Tom Pela
Director, Health and Wellness, Healthcare Management
Quest Diagnostics

Louise J. Short
Louise J. Short, MD
National Clinical Leader
Strategic Benefit Advisors/Brown & Brown, Inc.

Waste Reduction Mechanisms: Action Plan for Self-Funded Employers to Deliver Quality Care

  • Explore value-based network arrangements that improve access
  • Eliminate care misappropriation: Collaborate with the right providers and TPAs
  • Implement cost-effective and transparent contracts
John F. Barnes IV
John F. Barnes IV, SPHR
Vice President, Human Resources & Learning
BioBridge Global

Allison De Paoli
Allison De Paoli

12:40 pm

LUNCHEON SESSION: Fit Happens: Simple Steps for a Healthier, More Productive Life ( 12:55– 1:30 PM)

  • Discuss concrete steps individual can take to build lifelong healthy habits
  • Gain strategies to maximize sleep, physical activity, and weight loss
  • Recognize the impact of relationships, joy, and gratitude on health and well-being
  • Understand the effects of employee health in the workplace
Todd Whitthorne
Todd Whitthorne
Chief Inspiration Officer
Naturally Slim

2:00 pm
  • Gain strategies to determine true costs in a PBM contract
  • Drive significant cost reduction in PBM contracting
  • Discuss the impact of optimizing PBM contracts
  • Maximize the value of PBM contracts to effectively benefit members
Matt Evans
Matt Evans
Advisor to Tri-County Schools Insurance Group Executive Board
Tri-County Schools Insurance Group

Terry Killilea
Terry Killilea, Pharm.D.
Senior Vice President, Clinical/Fiscal Integration
USI Insurance Services

3:15 pm

Fix the Burnout Problem: Focus on Emotional Health and Resilience

  • Understand the size, scale, and impact of the burnout problem
  • Connect physical and mental well-being to mitigate risk and improve employee health
  • Learn from two case studies on how to effectively evaluate employees and understand their emotional health and burnout
Ryan Sledge
Ryan Sledge
Director, Corporate Onsite and Wellness Operations

Glenn Williams, Jr.
Glenn Williams, Jr., MD
Corporate Medical Director Onsite and Wellness


  • Determine metrics to track and measure worksite clinic performance
  • Consider factors including patient satisfaction, clinic traffic, and engagement
  • Make the business case to senior leadership: ROI vs. VOI conversation
  • Compare tangible and intangible measures
Larry Boress
Larry Boress
Larry Boress, Executive Director
National Association of Worksite Health Centers (NAWHC)

Care Abroad: A Cost-Effective Solution for Small and Mid-Sized Employers

  • Understand the nuances of care abroad
  • Determine key factors to consider when selecting a medical travel facilitator
  • Consider ERISA and fiduciary regulations and requirements for international care
  • Discuss innovative TPA strategies to reduce employee benefit costs
Tom Garner
Tom Garner
Executive Vice President, Operations and Network Development
SkyMedicus Inc.

Suzannah Gill Esq.
Suzannah Gill Esq.
Benefits Strategy Consultant
EPIC Insurance Brokers

David Mair
David Mair
Senior Vice President
International Hospital Corporation

Analyze Data to Reengineer Your Benefit Design and Meet Employee Needs

  • Tailor benefit plan design based on real-time health information
  • Implement programs that target high-risk individuals
  • Adopt a concierge approach: Connect employees to the right physician to eliminate unnecessary medical procedures
  • Apply predictive analytics to personalize care and reduce hospital use
Creagh Milford
Creagh Milford, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Healthcare Highways

4:00 pm

Combine Financial and Non-Financial Incentives to Maximize Engagement and Build Healthy Lifestyles

  • Consider financial and non-financial incentives
  • Determine appropriate timing to offer incentives and maximize impact
  • Assess the correlation between incentive amount and health goals
  • Learn about the importance of establishing realistic targets
Nicole Stec
Nicole Stec
Senior Well-Being Manager
Banner Health

Integrate Health Coaching within Clinics to Maximize Engagement

  • Offer health coaching to efficiently communicate with employees and personalize care
  • Gain strategies to integrate health coaches within clinics
  • Implement virtual health coaching to connect with remote employees
Phil Brown
Phil Brown
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Mohawk Industries

SHARED SESSION: Utilize a Reference-Based Pricing Model (RBP) to Promote Transparency

  • Navigate complexities of RBP: What employers must know
  • Address balance billing issues
  • Develop a fair and transparent hospital reimbursement plan
  • Utilize quality measures to deliver value-based care
Marilyn Bartlett
Marilyn Bartlett
Special Projects Coordinator
State of Montana Commissioner of Securities and Insurance

4:45 pm
  • Determine the need to address mental health in the workplace
  • Discuss the impact of mental health on the bottom line
  • Customize behavioral health programs based on individual needs
  • Leverage mobile apps to assess and treat mental health conditions
Marcel Legrand
Marcel Legrand
Chief Revenue Officer
Total Brain