8:30 am
Neil Goldfarb
Neil Goldfarb
President and Chief Executive Officer
Greater Philadelphia Business Coalition on Health

8:40 am
Marleece Barber
Marleece Barber, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Lockheed Martin

9:10 am
  • Understand the core elements of an effective employee wellness program
    • Collaborate with plans, providers, and brokers
  • Gain strategies to bend the cost curve
    • What are the key cost drivers?
    • Identify solutions that meet your employee’s needs
    • Offer wellness programs that contain costs and positively impact an individual’s health
    • Diversify your approach to effectively meet objectives
  • Learn how to design an integrated, employee-centric wellness program that drives engagement
    • Move away from traditional health benefits programs
    • Negotiate program costs
    • Explore outside-the-box strategies to cultivate healthy lifestyles
Wade Larson
Wade Larson
Chief Human Resources Officer

10:30 am
  • Gain insight into the current status of wellness program regulations and related litigation
  • Address confusion around the definition of a “voluntary” health and wellness program
  • Develop a contingency plan: What should employers know about incentives?
    • Identify strategies for compliance with HIPAA, ADA, and GINA
    • Anticipate and avoid legal issues
Sarah Bassler Millar
Sarah Bassler Millar
Drinker, Biddle, and Reath LLP

11:20 am
  • Determine the need to address mental health in the workplace
    • Remove stigma around discussing mental health issues
    • Understand the importance of leadership involvement
  • Gain strategies to promote mental health awareness and education
    • Identify available resources for employees
  • Leverage mobile apps to assess and treat mental health conditions
  • Discuss the impact of mental health on productivity and performance
    • How does mental health affect the bottom line?
Louis Gagnon
Louis Gagnon
Chief Executive Officer
Total Brain

12:05 pm
1:35 pm
  • Analyze your population: Design wellness marketing and communication efforts based on employee needs
  • Leverage data from health screenings to determine relevant workplace wellness programs
  • Review claims data to determine high-risk areas: Create a multi-year program based on population
  • Use data insights to engage the disengaged
    • Survey employees and create well-being programs based on demographics, risks, and specific interest areas
Karin Hughes
Karin Hughes
Workplace Wellness Manager
Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.

2:20 pm
2:30 pm
  • From wellness to well-being: Build a multi-dimensional well-being program to engage a larger employee population
  • Discuss holistic health that includes considering the social determinants of health
  • Avoid the one-size-fits-all approach: Focus on a tailored approach to help reduce costs and build a healthy workforce
Deborah Merwitz Ruggiero
Deborah Merwitz Ruggiero, MS, RN
Leader, Commercial Health Promotion
MVP Health Care

3:45 pm
  • Nurture wellness champions and empower them to discuss the organization’s wellness initiatives with employees
  • Determine the right mix of individuals to form a wellness champion network
  • Understand the importance of regular communication with wellness champions to set expectations, gather feedback, and discuss progress
    • Utilize social media as an employee recognition tool and instill a spirit of well-being
Karen Hewitt
Karen Hewitt, BS, MBA
Corporate Wellbeing Sr. Manager-Wellness, Work/Life, EAP, Global Health Resources

3:45 pm
  • Understand the impact of musculoskeletal issues on health plan and employment costs
  • Deploy a digital therapeutic program to manage back pain and improve member outcomes
    • Determine plan design
  • Gain strategies to reduce opioid use and aggressive diagnostics utilization
  • Discuss clinical and financial metrics for success
  • Explore effective member, physician, and employer engagement strategies
Mary Ryan
Mary Ryan, RN
Quality Management and Population Health Specialist

4:30 pm

Attendees choose the topic area which interests them most and engage in small group discussion for 30 minutes.

A. Benefits that Matter Today: Strategies to Create a Healthy and Happy Workforce

Karin Hughes
Karin Hughes
Workplace Wellness Manager
Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.

B. Which Incentives Work? Assess Financial and Non-Financial Incentives and Rewards

Karen Hewitt
Karen Hewitt, BS, MBA
Corporate Wellbeing Sr. Manager-Wellness, Work/Life, EAP, Global Health Resources

C. Tips and Tricks to Develop a Wellness Program on a Tight Budget

Erica Brown
Erica Brown
Health and Wellness Navigator
MCD Public Health

D. Create a Psychologically Safe Workplace Culture