8:30 am
Neil Goldfarb
Neil Goldfarb
President and Chief Executive Officer
Greater Philadelphia Business Coalition on Health

8:40 am
Marleece Barber
Marleece Barber, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Lockheed Martin

9:10 am
  • Understand the core elements of an effective employee wellness program
    • Collaborate with plans, providers, and brokers
  • Gain strategies to bend the cost curve
    • What are the key cost drivers?
    • Identify solutions that meet your employee’s needs
    • Offer wellness programs that contain costs and positively impact an individual’s health
    • Diversify your approach to effectively meet objectives
  • Learn how to design an integrated, employee-centric wellness program that drives engagement
    • Move away from traditional health benefits programs
    • Negotiate program costs
    • Explore outside-the-box strategies to cultivate healthy lifestyles
Wade Larson
Wade Larson
Chief Human Resources Officer

10:30 am
  • Gain insight into the current status of wellness program regulations and related litigation
  • Address confusion around the definition of a “voluntary” health and wellness program
  • Develop a contingency plan: What should employers know about incentives?
    • Identify strategies for compliance with HIPAA, ADA, and GINA
    • Anticipate and avoid legal issues
Sarah Bassler Millar
Sarah Bassler Millar
Drinker, Biddle, and Reath LLP

11:20 am
  • Determine the need to address mental health in the workplace
    • Remove stigma around discussing mental health issues
    • Understand the importance of leadership involvement
  • Gain strategies to promote mental health awareness and education
    • Identify available resources for employees
  • Leverage mobile apps to assess and treat mental health conditions
  • Discuss the impact of mental health on productivity and performance
    • How does mental health affect the bottom line?
Louis Gagnon
Louis Gagnon
Chief Executive Officer
Total Brain

12:05 pm
1:35 pm
  • Develop a tailored pre-diabetes  management program that focuses on holistic health
  • Leverage EMR and wellness program data to target high-risk pre-diabetes populations
  • Design incentive programs to maximize results
  • Adopt evidence-based programming and health coaches for nutritional advice, healthy eating options, and fitness plans
    • Determine how health coaches motivate employees, instill confidence, and create a sense of accountability
  • Learn from clinical outcomes and success stories
    • Understand how a health plan demonstrated a 59% reduction in its pre-diabetes population
Jason Gibson
Jason Gibson
Senior Wellness Specialist
Geisinger Health Plan

2:20 pm
2:30 pm
  • Discuss the clinical and logistical benefits of home-based cardiac care
  • Develop a multi-disciplinary program including exercise, medication adherence, diet, sleep, and stress management
    • Gather feedback  on effort levels, heart rate, and symptoms during exercise
    • Report patient results to case managers and cardiologists through smart watches
    • Leverage motivational interviewing to support long-term behavior change
  • Measure success and explore program improvement strategies
    • Learn how SCAL Kaiser enrolled nearly 2,000 patients in the first year of the program
    • Reduce cardiac related hospitalization events in program graduates
Columbus Batiste II
Columbus Batiste II, MD
Chief, Department of Cardiology
Kaiser Permanente Riverside

Christine M. Ruygrok
Christine M. Ruygrok
Associate Quality Administrator
Southern California Kaiser Permanente

3:45 pm
  • Nurture wellness champions and empower them to discuss the organization’s wellness initiatives with employees
  • Determine the right mix of individuals to form a wellness champion network
  • Understand the importance of regular communication with wellness champions to set expectations, gather feedback, and discuss progress
    • Utilize social media as an employee recognition tool and instill a spirit of well-being
Karen Hewitt
Karen Hewitt, BS, MBA
Corporate Wellbeing Sr. Manager-Wellness, Work/Life, EAP, Global Health Resources

3:45 pm
  • Understand the impact of musculoskeletal issues on health plan and employment costs
  • Deploy a digital therapeutic program to manage back pain and improve member outcomes
    • Determine plan design
  • Gain strategies to reduce opioid use and aggressive diagnostics utilization
  • Discuss clinical and financial metrics for success
  • Explore effective member, physician, and employer engagement strategies
Mary Ryan
Mary Ryan, RN
Quality Management and Population Health Specialist

4:30 pm

Attendees choose the topic area which interests them most and engage in small group discussion for 30 minutes.

A. Benefits that Matter Today: Strategies to Create a Healthy and Happy Workforce

Karin Hughes
Karin Hughes
Workplace Wellness Manager
Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.

B. Which Incentives Work? Assess Financial and Non-Financial Incentives and Rewards

Karen Hewitt
Karen Hewitt, BS, MBA
Corporate Wellbeing Sr. Manager-Wellness, Work/Life, EAP, Global Health Resources

C. Tips and Tricks to Develop a Wellness Program on a Tight Budget

Erica Brown
Erica Brown
Health and Wellness Navigator
MCD Public Health

D. Create a Psychologically Safe Workplace Culture