9:00 am
L. Stephan Vincze
L. Stephan Vincze, JD, LLM, MBA
President and Chief Executive Officer
Trestle Compliance

9:10 am

Privacy law is continuing to become a big issue for the global economy, and consumers are beginning to seek judicial remedies. During this keynote address, hear from Chief Judge Joy Flowers Conti on privacy law's impact on the legal system.

Joy Flowers Conti
Hon. Joy Flowers Conti
Chief District Judge
U.S. District Court, Western District of Pennsylvania

10:00 am

Privacy and data security have impacted every industry and every company. The risks and liabilities associated with mishandling consumer data are high, and so is the risk of a data breach. During this session, survey the landscape of privacy law to grapple with this new frontier.

  • Discover the best starting point for your company’s privacy goals
  • Learn the high-level privacy principles that apply on a global scale
  • Understand the specialized terminology used in privacy regulations
Jennifer Chung
Jennifer Chung
Associate General Counsel

Rosemary Kuperberg
Rosemary Kuperberg
Senior Global Privacy Counsel
Ellucian Company L.P.

11:20 am

The implementation of GDPR required companies to put a vast amount of resources and attention to ensure compliance with the law. But, those of us who have been involved in global privacy programs for years know that GDPR is just one piece of the puzzle. In this session, examine how the implementation and compliance efforts related to the GDPR aligned with past global privacy program initiatives, and potential future efforts.

  • Reflect on implementation decisions – Discuss whether you were right to focus efforts and resources where you did, what needs to be re-evaluated, and areas where you may have over- or under-estimated needs
  • Learn how organizations were able to automate certain processes post-GDPR
  • Examine tracking technologies available that coalesce with forthcoming EU privacy regulations
  • Anticipate what the 2020 law may look like – Where there could be overlap, how it may be similar or deviate from GDPR
  • Discuss the potential of the new Indian and Brazilian laws, and whether GDPR should now be viewed as a global compliance standard
Jimma Elliot-Stevens
Jimma Elliot-Stevens
Vice President, Deputy General Counsel, Chief Privacy Officer

Aileen Schwartz
Aileen Schwartz
Vice President, Assistant General Counsel and Privacy Officer
Hill International

Brock Wanless
Brock Wanless
Managing Counsel

12:10 pm

The GDPR and industry standards demand that companies create data inventories highlighting important aspects of consumer data and where the data is located. Increasingly, in-house counsel must assist in data mapping and maintaining the data register so that the company can perform an audit to ensure compliance with global standards. In this session, discuss the nuances of GDPR compliance, as well as the future implications of CCPA.

  • Understand the importance of data mapping
  • Learn how to maintain and audit your data inventory
  • Develop a strategy for comprehensive vendor management
Jeremy Berkowitz
Jeremy Berkowitz
Data Privacy Principal
Promontory Financial Group

Jessica Cassidy
Jessica Cassidy
Privacy Counsel
Whole Foods

Payam Vaghefi
Payam Vaghefi, CIPP/E, CIPM
Privacy Consultant

1:00 pm
2:00 pm

From blockchain and AI to self-driving cars, there is no shortage of innovation in the global economy and market place of ideas. The impact of these emerging technologies raises new questions about how the public values privacy and trusts companies to handle personal data.

  • Discuss the privacy concerns of emerging technologies
  • Evaluate the tension between data privacy and artificial intelligence
  • Learn how blockchain will affect privacy
Shoshana Rosenberg
Assistant General Counsel, Global Chief Privacy Officer

Dan Stoller
Senior Legal Editor, Privacy and Cybersecurity
Bloomberg Law

2:50 pm

An acquiring company can be held liable for the improper data practices of the target company. With the implementation of the GDPR, the development of other international laws and customs, and industry norms, in-house counsel need to engage in additional due diligence, both before an acquisition and after an acquisition.

  • Evaluate the impact of international laws and industry standards on proper due diligence during an M&A transaction
  • Develop a strategy for reviewing potential liabilities prior to the acquisition of the target
  • Discuss the impact of the target’s use of data on the transaction cost
Stu Eaton
Legal Director, Product and Privacy

Hugo Teufel
Hugo Teufel
Chief Privacy Counsel

4:10 pm

Collaborate with peers to share experiences, insights, concerns, and opportunities related to one of the below topic areas of discussions.

Practical Preparation Steps for the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

Payam Vaghefi
Payam Vaghefi, CIPP/E, CIPM
Privacy Consultant

Effective Strategies for Mapping Data and Maintaining Data Inventory

James Theiss
James Theiss
Director, Privacy and Security
DaVita, Inc.