Monday, November 8, 2010
Les McPhearson
Director, Consumer Innovation
Humana, Inc.

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10:30 am -
11:15 am
A Unified Approach to Patient Information Management: Meaningful Adoption and Use of HIT

Healthcare reform is demanding a better way to communicate and manage information, healthcare costs continue to skyrocket, patients are demanding more involvement in their care – and HIT system interoperability continues to be just out of reach. A new, unified approach to information management is needed to address these challenges, one that gives multiple stakeholders an accurate and holistic view of patient information. The answer lies not only in who has the information, but how that information is connected and managed (aggregated, cleansed, shared, integrated and reported on).

This session will explore the industry need for a patient-centric approach to data management that provides single source access to administrative, financial and clinical information exchange between all stakeholders. Benefits to stakeholders will be discussed, including:

  • By supporting this approach and its enabling solutions, health plans save costs, better manage government mandates and enhance their service offerings to provide additional value to employers, members and physicians.
  • Providers gain efficiencies through solutions that offer one-stop convenience and eliminate “double key entry,” and save money by not having to purchase multiple technology systems.
  • Technology and service vendors will find that when they “plug” their solutions into a single-source platform, they benefit from quick adoption and high utilization. Users find it easier to adopt new tools when they are introduced as simply an extension of their current user experience.
John Kelly
Chief Information Officer
Jay Eisenstock
Manager, Provider eSolutions
Aetna, Inc.

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Thomas G. Morrison
Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

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Tim Roche
President and Chief Executive Officer

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11:15 am -
12:00 pm
Redesigning Business Strategy For The Post Reform Landscape Consumer Focused Plan Design And Care Delivery
  • Framing health plan business strategy in a competitive market
  • What trends and potentially disruptive issues will present new opportunities and challenges?
  • Collaborating with the Consumer on Their Health - Keeping the Promise of Retail Health
  • What is retail health – really?
  • How is it met in the market and what do consumers think of it?
  • What are the possibilities of retail health?
Kevin Riley
Vice President, Innovation and Consumer Health Solutions
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida

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Mark Scrimshire
Director, Web Strategy
Care First

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010
10:30 am -
11:15 am
Delivering an Integrated Patient Portal - An Intermountain Case Study
  • Defining a patient and member centric approach to developing functionality
  • Driving the organization towards integrated functionality across disparate business units and divisions, including hospitals, clinics and the health plan
  • Creating a system level governance model for decision making
Ryan Smith
Assistant Vice President, I.S. Operations and eBusiness
Intermountain Healthcare

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11:15 am -
12:00 pm
The Role of Incentives in Driving Member Behavior – What Works and What Doesn’t
Although behavioral interventions have the potential to improve health, sustainable behavior change is difficult. Many people have difficulty changing health behaviors because it requires trade-offs between immediate consumption and delayed, often intangible, health benefits. Rewards and incentives can provide people with immediate and tangible feedback that helps make it easier for them to do in the sort-term what is in their long-term best interest (and the best interest of employers, insurers, and public policy - the quadruple bottom line).
  • Incorporating incentives platforms into your strategy
  • Explore how to measure results
  • Evaluate cost benefits
Les McPhearson
Director, Consumer Innovation
Humana, Inc.

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3:15 pm -
4:00 pm
Case Study: Secrets for Leveraging Social Community for Member Engagement
As a pioneer in the social community space over the past four years, the Regence Group has successfully built and grown their online community to over 600,000 members across five Plans and four states. Torben will share the story behind this community as well as its new role as a national online community platform that supports members from other participating BlueCross BlueShield plans. Early adopters include Rhode Island BlueCross BlueShield, Massachusetts BlueCross BlueShield and Louisiana BlueCross BlueShield.
  • Keys to running a sustainable community which motivates members to return, participate and engage with the Plan
  • Fueling the growth of the community with needed moderation and measures in place
  • Delivering a compelling set of integrated features including personalization, rewards, reviews, member influencers and experts
  • Benchmarking of costs and care options for members
Sherri Dorfman, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
Stepping Stone Partners

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  Kimberly A. Holway
Market Segment Manager, Small Group Market, Strategic Marketing and Product Innovation
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island
  Torben Nielsen
Director, Marketing Systems and Consumer Product Development
4:00 pm -
4:45 pm
Engaging 3+ Million in Self Care
An EHR becomes meaningful when it connects patients to their health information, engages them with their health care teams and provides the tools to help them achieve their healthy lifestyle goals.
Anna-Lisa Silvestre
Vice President, Online Services
Kaiser Permanente

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