About NAPA

The National Association of Physician Advisors (NAPA) is a peer-driven, open forum for knowledge exchange, communication, and networking for the Physician Advisor and Medical Director community.  NAPA formed organically out of, and convenes at the annual Physician Advisor Summit.  The conversation continues year round in the NAPA LinkedIn Group.  Job listings and news items are regularly posted to the NAPA website www.physicianadvisors.org.  Membership is free and we never solicit donations from our members.

Connect with your peers, superiors, and consultants through NAPA’s social networking and events.

Knowledge Exchange.
Share strategies, best practices, and lessons learned through national events, online discussion forums, and publications.

Industry & Professional Development.
Contribute in the process of developing the Physician Advisor role as a true specialty area in healthcare. Explore new employment opportunities on the NAPA online job center.


We will always be available to our members, and open to comments or suggestions.  We will never ask for a membership fee or solicit donations from our members.

We will provide our members with the best available resources, and up-to-date information.

We encourage the advancement of the Physician Advisor role; whether that means expanding responsibilities or perfecting processes. 


To apply for membership, please complete the membership application.

To inquire about sponsorship and executive networking opportunities, contact:
Alan Ramsdell
Vice President, Sales & Strategy
Phone: 781-939-2571
Email: Alan.Ramsdell@worldcongress.com

To inquire about joining the speaking faculty or questions regarding Summit content, contact:
Gina Glendening
Vice President, Product Development
Phone: 781-939-2402
Email: gina.glendening@worldcongress.com

For general questions, marketing and program inquiries, contact:
Bridget M. Kelly
Vice President, Marketing and Client Engagement
Phone: 781-939-2630
Email: Bridget.Kelly@worldcongress.com