Speaker Biography
Solomon J. Zak, M.D. VP
Business and Medical Intelligence
Dr. Solomon J. Zak is responsible for the medical management, business & medical intelligence, and claims processing systems within the ikaEnterprise solutions suite at ikaSystems.

Dr. Zak is a well-known pioneer in the areas of utilization management analytics and quality of care measurement. Among his various achievements is his unique physician profiling system, which actuarially compares providers, hospitals and commercial groups and using a proprietary case mix adjusted relative index of comparative performance methodology. As a practicing physician and medical director of several health plans he also developed a comprehensive claims system, and was the first to implement HEDIS in the state of Texas. Dr. Zak extended HEDIS quality measures set from 38 to 58 and included ZQI (Dr. Zak Quality Index) – a quality of care comparison between physicians. Prior to joining ikaSystems, Dr. Zak founded DataMedica and served as the Medical Director and Co-corporate Medical Director of the SHARE Health Plan of Minnesota and the Share Development Corporation respectively until it merged with United HealthCare. Later, Dr. Zak served as a consultant to Humana Hospital Corporation during its acquisition of IMC, and initiated the licensing of UCARE, a successful University of Minnesota HMO.

Dr. Zak graduated from the University of Minnesota School Of Medicine in 1957 and subsequently practiced and taught internal medicine, hematology, immunology and oncology. He has contributed extensively to research and has published several articles.