Speaker Biography
Janet S. Wright, MD, FACC
Senior Vice President, Science and Quality
American College of Cardiology
Janet S. Wright MD, FACC joined the American College of Cardiology as Senior Vice President for Science and Quality in May of 2008 after 23 years of practice in Chico, California. Her division encompasses the clinical guidelines, performance measures, health policy statements, and appropriate use criteria; quality improvement projects like Door to Balloon (D2B) and Hospital to Home (H2H); and the National Cardiovascular Data Registry, a suite of databases containing over 11 million patient records in both inpatient and outpatient care settings.

Dr. Wright served on the ACC’s Board of Trustees and chaired the Task Force on Performance Assessment, Recognition, Reinforcement, Reward, and Reporting. She is a member of NCQA’s Physician Program Committee and is on the board of the Center for Information Therapy, a non-profit organization committed to the provision of personalized health information during each healthcare encounter. She currently serves on the Quality Alliance Steering Committee.

From its inception in December of 2003, Dr. Wright served as a member of the Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee, the 29 person board charged with administering the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine.