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World Congress conducts interviews with many of our key speakers who will be presenting at our upcoming events. The interviews touch upon current topics, trends, challenges and solutions as experienced through the eyes of top thought leaders. Focus is also given on what each speaker will address during their upcoming talk at the event.

Mabel Jong

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Mabel Jong
World Congress Correspondent
Former Anchor, CNBC

These speakers will be presenting at upcoming events. Hear what they have to say prior to joining them in-person.

Jane Peck, RN, BHA, MA, System Director Oncology, Women’s and Neonatal Services, Saint Luke’s Health System

Jane Peck  ,RN, BHA, MA
Jane Peck of Saint Luke's Health System believes the success of her hospital's approach to oncology pathways can be easily replicated in other settings.

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Speaking at: The Oncology Management Summit | December 7 - 8, 2016 | Orlando, FL