Speaker Interviews

World Congress conducts interviews with many of our key speakers who will be presenting at our upcoming events. The interviews touch upon current topics, trends, challenges and solutions as experienced through the eyes of top thought leaders. Focus is also given on what each speaker will address during their upcoming talk at the event.

Mabel Jong

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Mabel Jong
World Congress Correspondent
Former Anchor, CNBC

These speakers will be presenting at upcoming events. Hear what they have to say prior to joining them in-person.

Bryan Hull, MD, Medical Director, Care Management, Mayo Clinic Hospital

Bryan Hull  ,MD
Improving documentation practices and utilizing tools to reduce length of treatment are two strategies that the Mayo Clinic Hospital has deployed to improve the quality of care for pneumonia patients. Dr. Bryan Hull talks about more ways to reduce costs and increase quality.

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Speaking at: The 4th Annual West Physician Advisor & Case Management Summit | October 24 - 25, 2016 | San Diego, CA

Michele Fisher, MBA, FACHE, FACMPE, CSMC, Chief Contracting Officer and Payer Relations Officer, UW Medicine Health System

Michele Fisher  ,MBA, FACHE, FACMPE, CSMC
What do the changes to Medicare Physician Payments mean starting in 2017 and is your organization ready? Michele Fisher talks about the systems the UW Medicine Health System has put in place that have shown success so far.

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Speaking at: 4th Annual Value-Based Network and Contract Management Summit | October 24 - 25, 2016 | Alexandria, VA

Dana Lustbader, MD, Chair, Department of Palliative Care, ProHEALTH Care

Dana Lustbader  ,MD
Providing palliative care to people with serious illness prolongs life, improves quality, and costs less. Dr. Dana Lustbader discusses opportunities to deliver innovative palliative care models that can exist within an ACO.

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Speaking at: 3rd Annual ACO Strategy Summit | October 24 - 25, 2016 | Alexandria, VA

Sunil Budhrani, MD, MPH, MBA, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Innovation Health

Sunil Budhrani  ,MD, MPH, MBA
More than 27 states across the country are compensating a patient's telehealth visit the same as an actual face to face meeting. According to Dr. Sunil Budhrani, that number will continue to rise as new technologies support virtual access to care.

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Speaking at: 3rd Annual Payer’s Behavioral Health Management Summit | October 24 - 25, 2016 | Falls Church, VA