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Ameri Health
Care Oregon
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New for 2018:

  • Tracked sessions devoted to Payment Innovation and Contracting, Social Determinants, and MLTSS
  • Input from actuaries and CFOs on trends in risk adjustment and contracting
  • Updates on recently submitted or approved waivers to achieve state cost and quality goals
  • Strategies to address network access and adequacy issues
  • Ways to engage non-managed care providers in LTSS and address social determinants of health
  • Insight on the future of Medicaid, CMS policy priorities, waivers, state flexibility, and scorecards

Feedback from our past MMC Summits

You all have done a really great job with the conference and our reception

–Joyce Larkin, Centene

Very interesting group of attendees.”

–Brad Bowsher, Envision RX VOXmedia LLC

The level of people in the room was great and the conversations were wonderful.

–Cheryl Roberts, Virginia Dept. of Medical Assistance Services

You folks really put on a great conference.

–Alyce Kuhn, Alere

I was able to pick up some good strategies to consider for my plan.

–Janice Fagan, VP, Medicaid Operations, BCBS TX/HCSC

Very interactive presentations with great real-life examples.

–Executive from Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Delaware

Very Informative. It’s nice to hear from the forefront about some innovative thinking when it comes to our Medicaid Expansion

–Angela Keith, Billing Assistant, Personal Touch Homecare

Excellent, high-level executives talking about areas they are familiar with.


Great, interactive sessions and networking

–Krissy Ziegler, VP of Business Development, Sales and Marketing, Centene

Relevant, Current Topics, great networking opportunities

–Lee Coffman, VP, Medicaid Programs, UAHP

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