Pre-Conference Executive Workshops

Sunday, April 29, 2018 • 12:30 PM- 3:30 PM

There will be a 15-minute networking and refreshment break from 2:00 PM - 2:15 PM

A: Leadership MasterClass: Launch, Lead, and Realize Value from Change Initiatives

*Space is limited. This workshop ends at 4 pm.

This case-based MasterClass explores the drama and trauma of daily management, including resistance to change. Discuss critical success factors that transform professionals into more effective leaders, who in turn distinguish their organizations as industry frontrunners. Understand pre-conditions for higher productivity and performance – more speed and lower cost – based on theory and practical examples. A unique highlight of the workshop is a case discussion about healthier leadership and our responsibilities to ourselves, to others, and to our change initiatives.

  • Engage in a provocative case discussion that challenges participants’ decision-making process
  • Explore several enablers that transform individuals into leaders who create a unique and adaptable competitive advantage
  • Understand the tie-in between these pre-conditions for change and the ability to successfully launch, lead, and realize value from change initiatives.


B: Enhance the Patient Experience: Foster Emotional Intelligence in Nurses and Front Line Leaders

Nurses have a profound impact on a patient’s health care experience through day-to-day personal interactions and the clinical expertise they provide. This interactive workshop focuses on the emotional intelligence of the nurse and delineates how nurses can positively impact each patient encounter.

Attendees engage in dialogue and discussion pertaining to key organizational development essentials: Emotional Intelligence; Implicit Bias (IB); and the concepts of “position power” and “personal power” and what effects they have on direct reports, colleagues, and patients.

In this Workshop:

  • Foster a greater understanding of how one’s workplace behavior positively and negatively impacts colleagues and patients
  • Adopt best-practices in communications and teamwork to instill positive attitudes and behaviors that create a caring and respectful organizational culture
  • Apply customer services strategies to positively impact the patient experience
  • Understand the elements of the HCAPS Survey and how reimbursement dollars for your facility are tied to HCAP results
  • Review a Team Performance Model and understand how to keep communication channels open


C: Hospital-led Urgent Care – Extend Your Reach and Meet Patient Expectations

In the effort to expand their service lines, serve more patients at more points of the care continuum, and improve overall patient satisfaction, many hospitals and health systems are exploring expansion into urgent care. This workshop takes an in-depth look at the business opportunity from the view of a health system and provides a how-to case study including successes and lessons learned.

  • The Decision to Journey into Urgent Care
    • Explore the value-proposition for various stakeholders including the hospital and consumers
    • Involve leadership and gain buy-in
    • Design a low margin, high volume, on-demand care model
    • Meet patients where they are and drive engagement with easy-to-access care
  • Steps to Launch an Urgent Care Clinic
    • Address resources like staffing and determine infrastructure needs
    • Set objectives and a timeline
    • Define business lines
    • Develop metrics for patient satisfaction and a foundation for performance improvement
  • Data-Driven Branding and Marketing Strategies
    • Discuss consumer outreach methods including social media
    • Explore data integration efforts for EMR and disparate sources
  • Leverage Service Line Opportunities
    • Explore primary care, wellness coaching, and occupational health
    • Discuss specialty care – pediatrics, oncology, and women’s health
    • Assess retail clinic opportunities – factors to consider for site selection
  • Lessons-Learned – What NOT to Do


D. Employer-led Direct Contracting: High-Value Care at Lower Cost

This workshop convenes HR and benefits executives from self-insured employers, brokers, TPAs, and benefits consultants to discuss strategies to maximize employee health care value while reducing costs. Engage in an in-depth discussion on how to:

  • Modify benefit design to improve health outcomes
  • Explore partnerships with brokers and TPAs to develop cost-saving programs
  • Examine direct contracting models that significantly reduce the financial burden while optimizing care delivery



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