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Survival of the Fittest: How Payers and Employers are Mastering Challenges and Preparing for the Future

U.S. health care continues to transform radically creating both opportunities and challenges for payers and employers. Market forces are provoking organizations to develop new strategic initiatives and to reprioritize existing ones. The session unveils qualitative and quantitative findings from a national research study of payers and employers and gives insight into how organizations adapt to meet these challenges and harness new opportunities.

  • Assess key market threats and challenges for payers and employers
  • Adapt and innovate: Understand new programs and services developed to position organizations for success
    • Current strategies and lessons learned
  • Explore the rationale and progress of major organizational initiatives: What defines an organization’s response to health care changes?
  • Determine survival strategy: How confident are organizations that they can adapt for long-term success? How do they see their role evolving in the marketplace?
  • Invest wisely: Where will the big payoffs be in the future? How would organizations allocate investment dollars across the strategies discussed?


Gregory M. Jelinek
Executive Vice President, National Sales Director Treasury Management
PNC Healthcare; The PNC Financial Services Group

Sara Parikh
Willow Research, LLC


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