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The 8th Annual World Health Care Congress - Europe

World Health Showcase

The health systems of Europe are diverse. However they face many common challenges. These challenges are shared by health systems the world over, many of whom are pioneering innovative solutions. The World Health Care Congress Europe has been designed as a unique forum to present these global innovations in health care.

Conveniently located in a key global hub, the 8th Annual World Health Care Congress Europe in Amsterdam is the only major international forum that convenes leaders from all sectors of health care to discuss and develop actionable strategies to improve care delivery and outcomes. The event has been designed to meet the needs of delegates from Europe. However, with over 60 speakers coming from 16 different counties, the World Health Care Congress is a truly global event that happens to be hosted in Europe. Whatever challenges you face within your health system, you will find solutions to address them here.

The Congress presents the best and latest ideas in modern healthcare and features the World's leading providers, payers and policy makers.

  • Hear leading providers and health systems discuss how they are making tough decisions in the face of rising demand and diminishing resources
  • Acquire an action plan to achieve productivity and efficiency in healthcare delivery
  • Learn about innovations to enable healthcare sustainability being pioneered in emerging economies
  • Explore the global challenge of shifting health systems to a prevention focus
  • Develop strategies to reduce costs through more effective chronic disease management and technology implementation
  • Receive the evidence needed to enable large scale delivery of connected health, remote monitoring and other technological innovations
  • Share the experiences of some of the World's leading Integrated Care Organisations from Europe, the USA and beyond
  • Examine a range of pioneering innovations in health care payment systems, reimbursement, funding, commissioning and incentives

Ministers, Government and Policy Makers
Alexandre Barna Dr Alexandre Barna
Head of Unit for Innovation and Emerging Technology Awareness
Committee for the Evaluation and Diffusion of Innovative Technologies
Jim Easton Jim Easton
National Director of Improvement and Efficiency
Department of Health
United Kingdom
Robert Jesse Robert Jesse, MD, PhD
Principal Deputy Under Secretary for Health
Veterans Health Administration
Stephen Johnson Stephen Johnson
Deputy Director & Head of Long Term Conditions
Department of Health
United Kingdom
Ab Klink Dr Ab Klink
Former Dutch Minister of Health & Professor of Healthcare, Labour and Political Direction
Vrije Universiteit
The Netherlands
Hospitals/Primary Care/Health Systems
Ferdinand Breedveld Prof Ferdinand Breedveld
Chief Executive Officer
Leiden University Medical Centre
The Netherlands
David Chou David Chou
Senior Director, IT Operations
Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
Isabel de la Mata Isabel de la Mata
Principal Advisor
Directorate General for Health and Consumers
European Commission
Albert de Rosa Albert de Rosa
Director General
Ribera Salud Group
Lesley Doherty Lesley Doherty
Chief Executive
Bolton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
United Kingdom
Victor Dzau Victor Dzau, MD
Chief Executive Officer
Duke University Health System
Agnelo Fernandez Dr Agnelo Fernandez
Lead, Croydon Healthcare Consortium and RCPG Centre for Commissioning Clinical Commissioning Champion
United Kingdom
Jorge Juan Fernandez Jorge Juan Fernandez
Director eHealth y Salud 2.0
Hospital Sant Joan de Déu
Paul Garassus Dr Paul Garassus
Member of the Board, European Union of Private Hospitals (UEPH);
President Scientific Council, BAQIMEHP;
Vice President, French Society of Health Economics
Shane Gordon Dr Shane Gordon
GP Commissioning Lead, NHS East of England;
Chief Executive, North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group
United Kingdom
Agneta Jansmyr Agneta Jansmyr
Jonkoping County Council
Joris Moolenaar Joris Moolenaar
Michael Oko Michael Oko
Consultant ENT Surgeon & Director
Snoring Disorders Centre - Harley Street
Devi Shetty Devi Shetty, MD
Founder and Chairman
Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospitals
Olof Suttorp Olof Suttorp
Vice President
Dutch Association of Hospitals
The Netherlands
Sarper Tanli Dr Sarper Tanli
Executive Director
Methodist International
CP Wong Dr CP Wong
Consultant Geriatrician - Ruttonjee Hospital
Hong Kong Hospital Authority & Chairman
Hong Kong Society of Medical Informatics
Hong Kong
Jason Yap Dr. Jason Yap
Chief, Health Information and Innovation
Agency for Integrated Care
Insurers/Payer Organizations
Pieter Hasekamp Pieter Hasekamp
Director General
Zorgverzekeraars Nederland
The Netherlands
Frank Neumann Frank Neumann
BIG Direkt
Roger van Boxtel Roger van Boxtel
The Netherlands
Wim van der Meeren Wim van der Meeren
Chief Executive Officer
CZ Health Insurance Company
The Netherlands
Caroline Baan Dr Caroline Baan
Director of Health Care Services Research Team - Centre for Prevention and Health Services Research
National Institute for Public Health and the Environment
The Netherlands
Anne Kennedy Dr Anne Kennedy
Senior Research Fellow - National Primary Care Research and Development Centre
University of Manchester
United Kingdom
Michael Marmot Sir Michael Marmot
Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health
University College London
United Kingdom
Ruth McDonald Professor Ruth McDonald
Professor of Healthcare Innovation and Learning
Nottingham University Business School
United Kingdom
Padhraig Ryan Padhraig Ryan
Postgraduate Researcher
Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)
Photo Not Available Dr Jeroen Struij
Senior Lecturer
National Institute of Public Health and the Environment
The Netherlands
Gary Young Gary Young, JD, Ph.D
Director, Northeastern University Center for Health Policy and Healthcare Research
Professor of Strategic Management and Healthcare Systems
Northeastern University
Zakiuddin Ahmed Dr Zakiuddin Ahmed
Healthcare Paradigm
Jessica Colling Jessica Colling
Product Director
Brian de Francesca Brian de Francesca
Executive Vice President
TBS Group
United Kingdom
Photo Not Available Jamie Holyer
Managing Director
Advocate Policy and Public Affairs (UK)
Paul M. Just Paul M. Just
Director - Healthcare Economics
Smith & Nephew
Tony Kane Tony Kane
Head of Business Development – mHealth Solutions
Vodafone PLC
Mehmood Khan Mehmood Khan, MD, FACE
Chief Executive Officer - Global Nutrition Group and Chief Scientific Officer
PepsiCo, Inc.
Sophia Tickell Sophia Tickell
Founder & Director, Meteos & Founder and Director
PharmaFutures (UK)
Marc van Kempen Marc van Kempen
Managing Director The Netherlands
Medco International
(The Netherlands)
Photo Not Available Gabriel Uguet
Board Member
European Union of Private Hospitals and President
Spanish Association of Private Hospitals
Lodewijk Bos Dr Lodewijk Bos
Joao de Deus Dr Joao de Deus
Association Europeenne des Médecins des Hopiteaux (AEMH)
Manuel Serano Gil Manuel Serano Gil
Global Alliance for Self Management Support
Clive Needle Clive Needle
Photo Not Available Iris van der Heijden
Legal Advisor
Health On the Net Foundation (Switzerland)
Ruben van Zelm Ruben van Zelm
European Pathway Association (Netherlands)
Michael Wilks Dr Michael Wilks
Forensic Physician & Vice-President
British Medical Association
William R. Boyles William R. Boyles, MA
Global Business Forum on Health
Nick Goodwin Nick Goodwin
Editor in Chief, International Journal of Integrated Care;
Co-Founder, International Foundation for Integrated Care;
Programme Director - Integrated Care for Older People, The King's Fund
United Kingdom
Ruud Koolen Ruud Koolen
Editor in Chief Skipr
Springer Media
(The Netherlands)
Paulo Moreira Paulo Moreira
International Journal of Healthcare Management
Photo Not Available Sarah Neville
UK News Editor & Public Policy Editor
Financial Times
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