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The MACRA & Quality Payment Program Summit

The MACRA & Quality Payment Program Summit

The MACRA & Quality Payment Program Summit

CMS has responded to the recommendations of physicians and other stakeholders to offer greater flexibility in meeting MACRA's aggressive timeline and requirements with a ‘Pick Your Pace’ option in 2017. Providers should take advantage of this initial flexibility in 2017 to develop an infrastructure and strategy to meet MACRA requirements, to acclimate to value-based purchasing under the MACRA Quality Payment Program, and to build resiliency to the more aggressive timelines, requirements, and payment adjustments in subsequent years.

Join us in January to examine the Quality Payment Program and discuss strategies for providers to adapt to the new reimbursement system and achieve success in an evolving value-based environment.

Featured Keynotes and Discussions:

Examine the MACRA Quality Payment Program Transition to Value-Based Care

CMS has made it clear that in order improve quality care, reduce costs, and empower patients to be better stewards of their health, the health care industry has to trend away from fee-for-service reimbursements that do not account for quality and efficient care. In the MACRA Quality Payment Program, MIPS, and Alternative Payment Models, CMS is setting an agenda to move the industry toward value-based care. In this keynote address, hear from CMS about how value-based reimbursements are transforming the industry, what it sees for the future, and how to get there.

Richard E. Wild Richard E. Wild, MD, JD, MBA, FACEP
Chief Medical Officer
Atlanta Regional Office
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

Explore Lessons Learned in Practice Transformation and Payment Reform

Successful health delivery systems around the world – those with reduced mortality and that cost less – are ones where the patient has a relationship with their healer. Explore patient-centered primary care and its place in transforming health care.

  • Discuss the shift from episode of care to management of populations with data
  • Learn the key principles for exceptional standard of care
  • Understand the driving factors of smarter health care
  • Discover how value-driven leadership is the key to the future of health care
Carolyn Langer Carolyn Langer, MD
Chief Medical Officer, MassHealth; Director, Office of Clinical Affairs, Commonwealth Medicine; Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts Medical School

PANEL DISCUSSION: Hear Provider Perspectives on How to Prepare for QPP Participation

A panel of providers from different specialties and practices will discuss what they are doing now to prepare for MIPS and APMs participation under MACRA. The panelists will share the information and tools they need to take greater accountability for both the quality and cost of care.

Tanvir Hussain Tanvir Hussain, MD, MSc, MHS, CMQ
Medical Director, Quality & Analytics
Nebraska Medicine
KrisEmily McCrory KrisEmily McCrory, MD, FAAFP
Practicing Physician
Ellis Family Medicine Residency
John S. O’Shea John S. O’Shea, MD
Senior Fellow, Center for Health Policy Studies
The Heritage Foundation

Leverage Regional and National Resources to Prepare for MACRA

CMS has embarked on a significant outreach effort to engage clinicians and to support their successful participation in the Quality Payment Program. Review the education, training, and technical assistance implemented to support clinicians in CMS’s move to value-based care.

  • Review the educational materials available for clinicians to understand the programs and how to participate in them successfully
  • Identify the organizations through which small practices in rural and health professional shortage areas can receive technical assistance that will help them improve their performance in MIPS and transition to APMs
  • Discuss the regional and national health care networks and supporting organizations – medical group practices, regional health care systems, regional extension centers, and national medical professional associations – that equip clinicians with the tools and support necessary to improve quality of care, increase patients’ access to information, and spend dollars more wisely
  • Access learning forums through which practices and other stakeholders convent to discuss, track, and share best practices on how to transition towards APMs that emphasize value
Dominic H. Mack Dominic H. Mack, MD, MBA
Director, National Center for Primary Care Executive, Morehouse School of Medicine
Director, GaHITEC, GAHC

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Call for Papers

Call for Papers Submission Deadline: September 30, 2017

The MACRA & Quality Payment Program Summit is now accepting abstract submissions.
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