Meet the Judges

Aaron Laxton

Aaron M. Laxton is a guy who happens to be HIV positive. Diagnosed with HIV in 2011, Aaron has taken his experience and shared it with the world through his YouTube channel, “My HIV Journey”. Aaron shares with his viewers the daily life of living with a chronic, but manageable health condition like HIV. He also shares his experiences with substance use, trauma and graduate school. The last of those being the most traumatic. Aaron is finishing his MSW degree at Saint Louis University and he works full-time as the Director of Community Relations for a non-profit. Aaron proudly stands with marginalized and disenfranchised communities and loudly states, “Black Lives Matter!”

Alisha Bridges

I've dealt with severe plaque psoriasis for over 20 years, an autoimmune disease that affects the skin causing raised, inflamed, patches on the body. This disease has affected every aspect of my life. in 2011 I wrote "My Suicide Letter" in a psoriasis support group. The letter wasn't about actually killing myself but killing parts of me so I can truly live, this was the very beginning of my psoriasis advocacy. Since then I have dedicated my life to those with psoriasis & chronic diseases. My purpose is simple: I want to change the hearts of people by creating compassion and empathy among people the least understood though being transparent with my own life, advocacy, and dermatology.

Ashley Fuchs

Ashley is an award-winning health activist and humor blogger, and was named WEGO Health Network’s Rookie of the Year in 2015. She is a hyper-flexible mother of two bouncing (literally) kids, as they have all been diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. A lack of collagen may have left them the world’s worst superheroes (but don’t tell them that.) She writes about the wacky things that their syndrome has taught her family with a dash of wisdom and a shot of vodka at The Incredible Adventures of Malleable Mom( Her work is published in the NY Times bestseller I Just Want to be Perfect. You can find her online at Scary Mommy, Scary Mommy 2, The Bangor Daily News, I Just Want to Pee Alone, Mamapedia, and BLUNTmoms, and she was in the 2015 DC cast of Listen to Your Mother. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Barby Ingle

Barby Ingle lives with reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), migralepsy, TMJD, endometriosis and other pain disorders. Barby is a chronic pain educator, patient advocate, and president of the International Pain Foundation. She is also a motivational speaker and best-selling author on pain topics. She began mentoring other patients in 2006. Barby also serves on the board of advisers for CureClick, is a member of SPPAN, and a founding member of CPATF. Barby has been featured in the media over 850 times since 2009. More information about Barby can be found at her website Her blog is used as a platform to help her become an ePatient advocate, and she now travels the country attending healthcare conferences, speaking publicly, sharing her story, educating and advocating for patients across the globe. She has received 19 accommodations over the years for her advocacy work including; 2011 iPain Hero of Hope Award, 2012 WEGO Health Ms. Congeniality, 2012 NAF You Are Our Hero Award, 2013 International Inspirational Luminary, 2015 IDA Impact Award, and 2016 WEGO Health Lifetime Achievement. In 2017, Barby was named a Health Information Technology Top 100 Influencer by HealthScene and Top 20 Health Influencer by Insider Monkey Magazine.

Brooke Abbott

In 2009, Brooke Abbott traded in her production notebook for a diaper bag with the birth of her son, Jaxon Lee Coltrane. While navigating through motherhood, Brooke began to tweet about her adventures with her newborn with the hashtag, #CrazyCreoleMommy. The stories behind her tweets and Facebook statuses grew larger than the allotted 140 characters and by 2011, her new life needed it’s own vehicle. In January 2012, The Crazy Creole Mommy Chronicles were born.

In 2008, Brooke was diagnosed with Left-sided Ulcerative Colitis. Though it was a mild case at diagnosis, the disease rapidly advanced over a period of 4 years. In April 2012, Brooke was given a total colectomy after spending weeks in the hospital fighting a losing battle with her diseased colon. She was given an Ostomy for five months, as a transition into receiving her J-Pouch. She now lives with an internal J-Pouch and her health continues to change for the better. Still without insurance, arthritis, and the inability to work as much as she could before, Brooke advocates for all those with severe and mild cases of Crohn’s & Colitis.

Before her life as a mother, Brooke worked in film and television production and her passion for the arts and filmmaking spread into other adventures such as photography, writing and acting. With the takeover of motherhood & colitis, Brooke’s work in production halted however, Brooke continues to photograph. Working under the name, bonzaibaby Photography, Brooke has photographed for celebrities such as Holly Robinson Peete, Alfonso Riberio, Valarie Pettiford & Arthel Neville. With her work featured in Jet Magazine, US Weekly, Daily Mail, The Los Angeles Times and Entertainment Weekly.

Brooke is the creator and blogger for The Crazy Creole Mommy Chronicles.She owns & operates, The Crazy Creole Mommy Life, Inc. She is an advocate often representing the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation & The Digestive Disease National Coalition on, Capitol Hill. She is also member of the Janssen sponsored, IBD Social Circle. Brooke has written for The Right Start blog, Single Mom Planet, Mommybites, The Toddler Blog, Club MomMe, Mom.Me, and more. She is currently featured in the Ulcerative Colitis sections of Everyday Health & Brooke has sat on advisory boards for Janssen, AbbVie, Pfizer, Single Mom Planet Foundation, The HollyRod Foundation & HealthEVoices. Currently she sits on advisory boards for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation & WEGO Health. Brooke has been featured in The Phoenix Ostomy Magazine, Everyday Health, Crohn’s & Colitis Effect Round Table, US Weekly, LifeScript, LA Parent, Ostomy Connection, Prevention Magazine, A Women’s Health &

Brooke is the mother of actor, Jaxon Honeycutt & they currently reside in Los Angeles.

Babble on Brooke

@BabbleOnBrooke is an International Award-winning Host, Actor and Fortune 500 Spokesperson. She’s well known in the live-streaming world for her positive attitude towards always moving forward in life. As a spinal injury survivor and invisible illness/mental health advocate, Brooke shares her message of gratitude through social media, live video and song, always encouraging audiences to "babble on"!

Dakota Rosenfelt

Dakota Rosenfelt is the CEO of Click & Go App Designs, Inc., a nonprofit app development company whose mission is to improve the lives of those living with a chronic condition by improving clinical outcomes through the use of easy to use “tools.” His first product, HemoTool, is a large success in the bleeding disorders realm as it allows those to track their treatments, monitor bleeds, find care while on the go, and order medication using simple “Click & Go” technology. Dakota is a well-known advocate for the bleeding disorders community. Due to his unique and engaging speaking style, has been featured in a number of speaking events at both pharmaceutical company-sponsored symposia and dinners as well as national bleeding disorders and conferences, the largest being the National Hemophilia Foundation’s annual meeting in Dallas, TX in 2016. Dakota has also conducted a TEDx Talk, titled “Infusing Hope,” where he discussed the struggles and triumphs of growing up with Severe Hemophilia A. Dakota is currently a third-year (P3) pharmacy student at the University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Pharmacy where he will graduate with his Doctorate of Pharmacy in May of 2019.

Danny Van Leeuwen

Danny, an action catalyst empowering people traveling together toward best health, wears many hats in healthcare: patient with Multiple Sclerosis, care partner for several family members’ end-of-life journeys, a nurse for 40 years, an informaticist and a QI leader. As a patient activist, Danny focuses on learning what works for people - patient-centered research, communication at transitions of care, health planning and informed decision-making, and technology supporting solutions created by and for people. He led Boston Children’s Hospital’s Patient Family Experience initiative partnering with the 17 specialty practice administrators. Danny coaches new and veteran nursing and entrepreneurial leaders. He reviews PCORI research funding applications and serves as co-chair of PCORI’s Communication and Dissemination Advisory Panel. Danny is active in the Society for Participatory Medicine and is editor of their newsletter. He serves on the Steering Committee of the AHRQ-supported Patient-Centered Clinical Decision Support (PCCDS) Learning Network. He is a technical expert for CMS-funded Supporting Efficiency and Innovation in the Process of Developing CMS Quality Measures. Danny blogs weekly ( and was recently published in BMJ.

Gabe Howard

GABE HOWARD is an award-winning writer, mental health activist, and sought-after speaker and educator. He's also the host of the award-winning podcast, The Psych Central Show. In 2003, he was formally diagnosed with bipolar and anxiety disorders after being committed to a psychiatric hospital. Prior to being diagnosed, Gabe suffered the effects of untreated bipolar and anxiety disorders and thought about suicide daily. He currently makes his home in Columbus, Ohio with his wife and a mini-schnauzer. You can find him online at

Hannah McDonald

Hannah McDonald blends humor and heart in her blog Dorkabetic, where she celebrates glucose and geekery in equal measure. Hannah has been living with Type 1 Diabetes for over 27 years and writing about it for over ten years. Dorkabetic has been nominated as a "Best Kept Secret" in the WEGO Health Awards. Hannah has appeared at Digital Pharma XL and other events. She is a published poet who writes and performs in her spare time, and she is always happy to recommend a TV show, comic book, or Philadelphia attraction to anyone who is interested. Hannah can be found at, and she tweets semi-regularly @dorkabetic

Hetlena Johnson

Hetlena Johnson has an educational specialist degree is in Computing Technology in Education with an emphasis in instructional design. She has worked in the education industry for 17 years. Her extensive experience in training supports the maintenance of efficient technology educational services. Hetlena is a patient advisor. She has a certification as a National School Reform Faculty Critical Friends Group Coach. As a NSRF-certified CFG Coach, she provides strong leadership in facilitating lupus support groups. As the Statewide Volunteer Contact (Former Chief Volunteer Officer for LFA South Carolina Community Volunteer Partner) of the Lupus Foundation of America, Inc., Hetlena leads the coordination of training and supporting those diagnosed with lupus in the state of South Carolina. As an African American woman living and thriving with lupus for the past 25 years, her ability to coordinate strategies, design solutions, and consult as a lupus empowerment guide provide needed leadership for lupus peer group activities.

She holds an Educational Specialist Degree Computing in Technology in Education. Hetlena specializes in delivering dynamic and energetic motivational experiences. Her technology cheerleader appeal has graced such stages TEDxDENVER and numerous state-held education conferences. She has had several businesses to include her own property management company based in Columbia, SC. In her spare time enjoys, traveling, reading, and writing for her personal blog, and books,

Hetlena was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, known unassumingly as Lupus, in early 1993. The beginning of her walk with Lupus was painful and confusing. Hetlena continues to share her tidbits of her remarkable journey with Lupus on her blog at She is the author of several books to include her soon to be released book entitled “Keep Up With Lupus: A Digital Guide.” J. H.’s continued journey inspires those who know her to keep close to the heart, life’s ups and downs, happiness and trials. She continues to see a physician regularly. The gift of a healthy life is not often received. Yet, the art of loving the life that you have and the health that you can achieve, makes life all the more special. J. H., is indeed, a genuine example of a Lupus Warrior.

Lupus, also known as Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) is a disease that can affect many different body systems, including the joints, skin, kidneys, blood cells, heart, and lungs. Lupus is more common in women than in men. Research continues to be done on finding a cure for this life-threatening illness. This diary records thoughts and feelings for being diagnosed to understanding to accepting the reality of living life with Lupus.

Lupus, also known as Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) is a disease that can affect many different body systems, including the joints, skin, kidneys, blood cells, heart, and lungs. Lupus is more common in women than in men. Research continues to be done on finding a cure for this life-threatening illness. This diary records thoughts and feelings for being diagnosed to understanding to accepting the reality of living life with Lupus.

Jodi Dwyer

Jodi Dwyer was diagnosed with MS in 2008. As a clinical social worker by professional, Jodi has always advocated for her patients as well as many causes that were important to her. She became active in the MS community first with fundraising and then with advocacy. To date Jodi's MS team has raised over $100,00 for the National MS Society of Greater New England. Jodi has participated in multiple MS walks, bike rides, and various other events. Additionally, Jodi has participated in several patient leader panels for pharma companies across the US. Jodi has also has the opportunity to participate in focus groups and conferences to further her knowledge about the latest research and treatments in MS. She enjoys staying active in social media and connecting with a larger MS community from all over the world. When Jodi is not volunteering her time with MS she works full time as a oncology social worker at a hospital in Boston. Additionally she enjoys traveling, photography and spending time with her family.

Kellee Franklin

Kellee Franklin is passionate about big ideas and disrupting the status quo. She has helped numerous clients across industries dream more, think differently, drive change, and produce better business outcomes through her creative consulting approaches. Kellee was a strategic innovation advisor with Booz Allen Hamilton in Washington DC and Seattle where she integrated the use of business intelligence, data analytics and visualization, and design-and-systems thinking to facilitate transformation for senior level executives in the public and private sectors. She was instrumental in expanding the footprint in the Pacific Northwest within the core market areas of Global Health, Global Security, Aerospace/Defense, and Cyber Security/Information Technology before launching her own consulting practice. After her own battle with breast cancer in 2013, Kellee has become a recognized advocate for health systems innovation, patient-centered engagement, and precision medicine.

Kellee is a sought-after public speaker and she has served as a member of a TEDx salon speaker selection committee. She has been a scholarship recipient to the Wisdom 2.0 conferences for her entrepreneurial work in mindful business. Kellee has used her adult learning expertise to redesign classroom experiences for graduate and executive-level education programs in the United States, including at Seattle University and the University of Washington, and Thailand. She is an advisory board member at Seattle University's Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center and a conscious business mentor with Fledge at the Seattle-HUB. Kellee enjoys spending time outdoors, traveling to new places, watching sports, taking in an Indie film, and solving the world's problems over a good meal.

Kellee holds a Ph.D. in Human Development with an emphasis in Organization Behavior from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Leslie Krongold

Leslie Krongold, Ed.D., began her patient advocacy work as a support group facilitator for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA), 20 years ago shortly after her diagnosis of myotonic muscular dystrophy.

In 2012 she joined the Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation as Outreach Director. As part of her role she trained 25+ community members to be support group facilitators throughout the U.S., Canada, and parts of Europe.

In 2016 Krongold took her advocacy role a step further as a proponent for self-care and positive attitude by producing and hosting the podcast and blog, Glass Half Full.

Last year she was selected to be one of fifteen people to serve on the inaugural MDA National Community Advisory Committee.

In addition to her involvement with patients, caregivers, and researchers in the Muscular Dystrophy community, Krongold served on Alameda, California’s Commission on Disability Issues. While a Commissioner, she conceived and organized an Adaptive Exercise program for Disability Awareness Month as well as producing two Disability Resource Fairs held at the College of Alameda.

Lisa Cypers Kamen

Lisa Cypers Kamen, MA, is an internationally recognized applied positive psychology coach, author, speaker, documentary filmmaker, and the creator as well as host of the award-winning podcast Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio. Lisa's global practice focuses on addiction as well as trauma and life-crisis recovery to help clients balance their minds, bodies, and emotions, create greater overall well-being, and transform Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) into Post-Traumatic Growth (PTG). Lisa is a frequent radio, television, and print media guest expert, TEDx speaker and contributor to The Huffington Post, Positively Positive, and Thrive Global. She is also the Fox News Radio Happiness Expert as well as a WEGO Health Expert and Patient Leader.

Harvesting Happiness Talk Radio broadcasts consciously crafted brain food from the beaches of Malibu, California. Each week Lisa mindfully curates purpose-driven on-demand radio focusing on personal growth, human-interest, self-improvement, healthy lifestyle, positive well-being and psycho-social education for skeptics and seekers around the world.

Lisa is also the founder of Harvesting Happiness for Heroes is a 501 (c)(3) offering stigma-free integrated combat trauma recovery services to warriors and their loved ones. HH4Heroes supports the transformation of Post-Traumatic (PTS) into Post-Traumatic Growth (PTG).

Lori-Ann Holbrook

Lori-Ann Holbrook lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband and therapy cat. She writes about living with psoriatic arthritis, psoriasis, Ehlers-Danlos Hypermobility Syndrome and major depressive disorder at A 2016 WEGO Health Finalist, Lori-Ann volunteers with the National Psoriasis Foundation and also writes for The Mighty,,, Healthline and Everyday Health.

Maggie Baldwin

As a sixteen-year-old, with the world before me, my Crohn’s disease took a turn for the worse and I was given an emergency ileostomy bag. I unexpectedly had to learn a new way of living. Even though my new ostomy bag improved my physical health immensely, my emotional health was still struggling. I was just starting to plan for the future – where I would go to college, what I wanted to do in life, and what relationships I wanted to have. A long family history of medical careers and the nurses who cared for me every minute of every day inspired me to become a nurse.

That was not enough in the moment, however. In the coming months after surgery, I would hop online searching for someone else in similar situations. YouTube was my favorite place to search, but I found very few videos that related to what I was going through. I picked up a camera and filmed my first videos, one explaining my story with Crohn’s disease. The response was incredible. Others suffering with Inflammatory Bowel Disease communicated with me, and I finally did not feel alone.

I am now 24 and I now work as a pediatric gastrointestinal nurse (exactly on the unit where I was cared for as a patient). I also work in patient advocacy and support for those with ostomies. I live a fairly hectic life with my fiancé on our new farm, managing four dogs and multiple other critters! And of course, I still make YouTube videos. I use every opportunity to educate others on both the disease and the device, and I do my best to show that it is in fact completely possible to live a “normal” life with both.

Marla Wexler

Marla Wexler is a pediatric cardiac patient, turned pediatric cardiac nurse, turned patient advocate and public speaker. She was born with a rare congenital heart defect, went on to pursue a nursing career, and at 26 was diagnosed with lupus and multiple overlapping autoimmune diseases. In 2012 she had to leave her nursing career due to complications from lupus, and she started her blog Luck Fupus. She uses her blog as a platform to share her story living with multiple chronic diseases, educate, and advocate for patients across the globe. Marla has been an active member in the patient advocacy community, traveling to several conferences a year speaking to members of the industry on how to improve the patient experience.

Marla Murasko

As an author, speaker, blogger and Down Syndrome advocate, Marla lives and expresses her passion for Down Syndrome every day. Marla sees firsthand the challenges of Down Syndrome, not only as a Parent Advocate but also as a larger societal issue. Dedicated to spreading awareness for inclusion and understanding for individuals with Down syndrome, she is active on her blog “Musings From A Special Needs Mom” and plays a proactive role in her community and in the classroom.

As a recognized speaker, she has spoken on several different stages, but her proudest moment was when she had the privilege of speaking on the global stage at the United Nations for World Down Syndrome Day in 2017.

Her life’s mission is to help make the world a more accepting place for her son and for all individuals with Down syndrome and it shows in all that she is involved with. So much, that her family will be launching a nonprofit called “Special & Determined”, whose mission is to help families of children with Down Syndrome by providing financial support for therapeutic services and early interventions, to build a path to a more accepting and inclusive society, where all individuals with Down Syndrome can contribute. In addition to her speaking and writing, Marla volunteers in her community in her role as President of SEPAC (Special Education Parent Advisory Council), member of the local Diversity and Cultural Alliance, National Down Syndrome Society – DS Ambassador and is a member of the Communication Task Force of her local Down Syndrome organization. She was also honored in 2017 with the “Advocating for Another” award from WEGO health.

If you would like to learn more about Marla and all her projects, or are interested in booking her to speak at your next event or conference, please visit

Mary Puglisi

My name is Mary Puglisi and I’m from the DC metro area. I’m a patient leader advocating for people with chronic illness, with a focus on advocating for those with invisible illnesses, such as headache and sleep disorders. I myself have chronic daily headaches, migraines, narcolepsy, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome and ehlers danlos syndrome. As someone with an invisible illness, I know that these types of health issues are often overlooked and or lesser known, since the pain isn’t visible. I started my patient advocacy experience with the idea in mind that I wanted to make sure other people like me do not feel alone in their struggles, as I once did. Now, I use my experience to educate others, advocate for patients and to encourage people facing similar battles. My website is called The Headache Heroine and I can be found on social media under the same name. My aim is to create a community where patients like me can feel understood, represented and empowered. I hope to encourage people to find strength even when they feel at their weakest. I try to educate those who may not be familiar with invisible illnesses and try to be a voice with those that have one.

Matthew Pappas

Matthew Pappas, CLC - is a Certified Life Coach specializing in overcoming anxiety and those navigating daily life as a trauma survivor. As a survivor of childhood trauma himself, he knows first hand the struggles that survivors face, and how anxiety can be heavily influenced and exacerbated by the events of our past. Along with being a coach, Matt is also a passionate blogger and podcast host; he started , a blog in support of those who have survived the trauma of abuse, and also, his life coaching website and new home for his weekly podcasts. On his show, Matt talks with Clinicians, Coaches, and Advocates who are using their experiences to help inspire others in unique and powerful ways, and help everyone to live free from their past.

Megan Johnson

Hi, I’m Megan Johnson, the person behind The Front Butt YouTuber social media outlets. I strive at providing those who are chronically ill with tools to help them improve their quality of life. My outlets mostly specialize in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis) and ostomy appliances. I like to focus in on the patient perspective to increase knowledge so patients can advocate for themselves to improve care

Puja Rios

Puja Rios is a founder, chairwoman, consultant, mentor and director of sales as well as executive board member of Bright Pink and Chronic Pain advocate.

Her mission to rebrand Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain has led her to be recognized as Fibro Daily's #1 Fibro Awareness Advocate and WEGO Health's 'best blog' and 'rookie of the year' finalist. By working with top doctors through trial and error, Puja has dissected and revealed the seemingly endless effects of Fibromyalgia and CP and uses her voice to support over 100 million Americans diagnosed with these illnesses.

She is the author of the Huffington Post feature blog, 'Me vs. Fibromyalgia,' as well as a contributor to, and most recently, Thrive Global.

Puja brings a fresh, no excuses perspective to managing Chronic Pain. As someone who has made it to the top of her field (and stayed there) with this intense disease, she is proof that you can be successful with a multitude of Chronic Illnesses. Puja is a true role model for the next generation of Chronic Pain patients.

Randy Patrick

After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2012, Randy Patrick had made it his mission to raise awareness and provide support for the MS Community. He started the 3rd party group "Must Stop MS!" and now hosts weekly Twitter and Facebook chats named #ChatMS every Monday. He aims to bring the MS community together and do everything he can to get rid of misconceptions and prevent others from feeling lost or alone."

Rick Phillips

Was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes in 1974 and Rheumatoid Arthritis in 1999. He served the people of central Indiana in local government and school administration for 30 years. During his career, he was tasked with oversight of 12 school building projects encompassing more than $300 million dollars of new construction and renovation, he oversaw the construction of streets, sidewalks and sewers totaling more than 20 million dollars and participated in more than 1 billion dollars of economic development projects. He has extensive experience bargaining with public employees, managing employer health insurance plans and administering Federal, State and Local funds.

In 2008, as the result of Rheumatoid Arthritis Rick had to stop working full time. Today he writes extensively for, and where he discusses life with type 1 diabetes and Rheumatoid Arthritis. He also serves on a local charter school board as board president, and he is active in his church.

Rick is a Medtronic Diabetes Ambassador he also serves on patient advisory groups with Janssen, Pfizer, and Eli Lilly and Company. Rick a dynamic speaker about life with Diabetes and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Rick earned a Bachelor and Master degrees 1979 and 1989 from Indiana University and a Doctor of Education degree from Nova Southeastern University 2012. He has been married to Sheryl for 40 years, and they have two sons and three grandchildren.

Thacher Hussain

Thacher Hussain is passionate about helping patients to live better, more independent lives. She is a type 1 diabetic, a software developer, and a healthcare strategy consultant -- turning her own diagnosis into the fuel for her work in patient advocacy. Thacher has spoken and written about her personal experience and is actively hacking her own medical devices using open source software. Above all she is a patient who is not waiting for a solution.

Wendy Meyeroff

Wendy Meyeroff began WMMC over 20 years ago, beginning as a healthcare business reporter, writing for nurses, PTs, dietitians and all sorts of doctors. Her hubby jokes she fell into this work ‘cause being a media interviewer was the only way to ever get doctors to answer questions!

Her ability to write “lay language” expanded the business to writing first for others in business (like CEOs, HR and sales) but then also to “real people.” While “patient info” has finally become seen as important, Wendy was doing it almost from the get-go, with clients that ranged from Good Housekeeping and Weight Watchers magazines, to health newsletters, to hospital communications and much more.

That understanding also led her to become one of the first to called upon to write (and later develop site maps) for the Web. She was one of the first reporters for,, the American Medical Association and more.

Wendy’s covered a variety of issues (clinical, social, IT, economics) for all sorts of clients: big pharma; small practices; hospitals; non-profits…the list continues. Think of Sears trying to set up online health information one minute, the NIH needing grant info refined on their Website, a major NYC hospital needing clinical stories for a neurology-based newsletter, a leader in Alzheimer’s billing seeking LinkedIn Pulse stories, or a marketing group needing a business white paper. That’s just a hint of Wendy’s flexibility.

One other hint: she’s been covering aging America throughout her career. Parts of it’s been informing others about what this change was going to mean and being well-prepped once the “boomers” actually were recognized. And another part meant writing for this market segment before many others did. That’s why early in the 21st-century she was already skilled to help Erickson Retirement Communities with a range of health projects that won awards, including some of the first health web prizes.

The latter also gained her respect upon questioning Bush ’43 face-to-face at the once-every-decade, “President’s Council on Aging.” That “prez” is just one of the many national and international leaders Wendy’s enjoyed questioning over the years.

And all of it came about from her own early experiences as a person questioning her own docs!

For far more insights, of course find Wendy here on Wegohealth, then check her website and samples.

Wendy Booker

Over 17 years experience in patient advocacy, pharmaceutical promotion, marketing, public relations and advocacy development. Proven ability to create strong relationships within the medical and patient community and public awareness for the patient. High impact delivery worldwide with strong messaging on patient community and culture, value of therapy and education for physicians. Strong understanding of patient perspective and extensive experience with patient groups and community organizations promoting the value of outreach, education, advocacy and the strength of the individual to facilitate change.

Whitney Petit

Whitney Petit is an Epilepsy Patient Leader, Blogger and Advocate for the epilepsy community. She uses her personal journey with epilepsy to help others navigate life after the diagnosis, the ever changing healthcare system and motivates others to practice self-care. Whitney also works to have more Patient Inclusion in every aspect of the patient journey.