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The World Congress 1st Annual ACO and IDN Collaboration for Population Health Delivery Summit will highlight new models for advancing ACO, IDN and life science partnerships in population health management. Through hands-on learning and high-level strategy sessions, life science executives will become equipped with the tools needed to become a trusted health care partner and prove value beyond the brand.


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Speaker Interview

What does the Trump Administration have in mind for the pharmaceutical industry, whom it believes is "getting away with murder"? Dr. Richard Stefanacci and advisor to the Administration's transition team on health care believes key deadlines coming up at the end of the month will force all parties to act.

Dr. Richard Stefanacci, CMO
Dr. Richard Stefanacci, CMO
Chief Medical Officer, Access Group; Professor, Jefferson School of Population Health; Advisor, Trump Administration Transition Team on Health Care

Top 5 Reasons to Attend:

  • Learn directly from ACOs and IDNs on their strategic priorities, evolving business models, and next generation operations
  • Understand the changing landscape and new opportunities for manufacturers to demonstrate product value through population health
  • Discover new contracting, risk sharing arrangements and alternative payment methods with ACOs and IDNs
  • Develop beyond-the-pill services to advance population health initiatives
  • Enhance care coordination and collaborations to improve patient experience

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Value-Based Health Care Congress

This year our summit is a part of our prestigious World Congress Value-Based Health Care Congress-which through six co-located events, convenes leaders from manufacturers, payers, providers, pharmacies, and PBMs to discuss strategies for successfully navigating the value-based healthcare system. This event is currently positioned as the most senior and influential forum facilitating manufacturer and payer agreements and value based arrangements in the industry.

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