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The PDF brochure for the 5th Annual Patient Advocacy Summit is now available. Download it now

Exciting Interactive Discussions for 2017

  • Town Hall: Pharma, Advocacy and the Media blend together to discern strategies that will change the conversation around pharma and advocacy partnerships
  • FDA Panel Discussion: Gain insight into the FDA’s outlook on the OPA, expanded access, and patient centered drug development
  • Patient Reaction Panel: A never before represented panel of patient leaders available to discuss and answer questions and provide insights into working with patient groups

Multiple High-Level Case Studies and Strategy Think Tanks:

  • Operationalize Patient Advocacy Throughout the Product Lifecycle
  • Utilize Measurable Data to Prove ROI and Increase Advocacy Function
  • Develop Strategic Engagement vs Transactional Engagement with Patient Groups
  • Effective Collaboration: Uncover Tactics to Prevent Splinter Groups and Encourage Collaboration
  • Case Study: Patient Engagement Networks; Changing the Culture Through Incorporation of the Patient Perspective in the Design of Clinical trials

Partake in multiple workshops, enabling executives with tools that can be directly implemented in organizational strategy. Workshop Topics Include, but are not limited to:
  • Developing the Patient Advocacy Role from Hiring to C-Suite Status
  • The Patient Story: Effectively Engaging the Patient Voice for Change
And so much more!

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Very valuable insight and learnings provided by very experiences professionals in the area of advocacy

–Manager, Advocacy and Patient Support, Lundbeck

World Congress Summit on Patient Advocacy is a well-managed conference that assembles the movers and shakers in Patient Advocacy from a variety of advocate groups, biopharma and life sciences. Well done!

–Jack Whelan

The Summit always does a great job of covering the key issues Patients, Pharma and Advocacy are facing

–Patient Advocate Foundation

Very interactive, high-level discussions and relevant agenda topics made this congress valuable time spent

–Director, Advocacy and Alliance Development, GSK

The summit did a great job of covering a broad spectrum of issues and examples that Pharma and Advocacy are facing. There could be benefit from tightening the topics to the top issues of interest across Pharma and advocacy to involve patients

As a 2nd year attendee, I found it to be very helpful- the networking was great!

Excellent topics- great meeting! This is my first meeting on Patient Advocacy/ Patient Engagement and it was absolutely inspiring and educational. It was important to learn about the full breadth, including policies and guidance of patient engagement. I also loved the size of the meeting- facilitated easy communication and networking.

Participating Organizations

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