My job centers around member outreach, patient engagement and population health - This is the first conference I've attended that addresses my work world. Thank you!

–Kathy Johnson, Manager, Care Management, GEHA

I'm brand new to the industry so I wasn't sure what I'd learn, but I'm highly encouraged by common sense, passion and patient centric nature of this group of very talanted people.

–Brandon Brown, Director, Product Development, Pharos Innovation

Thank you for a wonderful seminar! A lot to being back to my hospital and brainstorm with our team! Looking forward to sharing the innovations from other facilities with technology and increasing patient engagement.

–Stacy Strezsak, RN, Massachusetts General Hospital

Featured Speakers:

Health Plan Consumer Experience & Retention Summit

The rise of today’s health care consumer has created a landscape in which health plans must deliver an enhanced consumer experience to grown and retain their market share. The 9th Annual Health Plan Consumer Experience and Retention Summit brings together payers from across the nation to discuss best practices in retention via experience and engagement programs. Attendees discover innovative strategies detailing the steps to grow market share and revenue through experience improvements. Key topics of discussion include: mobile outreach, digital experience optimization, and personalized segmented communication.

Patient Engagement and Experience Summit

An enhanced patient experience improves health outcomes, helps to manage costs, and creates trust and loyalty between patients and providers. The 4th Annual Patient Engagement and Experience Summit attracts experts from hospitals, health systems, and health plans to share improvements in patient experience and outcomes across the continuum of care. Discussions include strategies to improve collaboration with payers, enhance medication adherence and chronic disease management via technology, and promote the health of vulnerable populations through connected care.

Hospital Marketing and Communications - Fall

In response to the numerous changes in health care, consumers are becoming increasingly involved in choices about their care and changing the way they access health information. As a result, hospitals and health systems are seeing a greater push for marketing efforts to reach and connect with these evolving consumers. The 4th Annual Hospital Marketing and Communications Summit convenes thought leaders in hospital marketing and communications to discuss innovative strategies to reach consumers where they are accessing health information and advance marketing efforts within the ever-changing health care system.

Specialty Drug Management Summit

With drug prices on the rise and specialty drugs accounting for over 30% of the total cost of drugs (yet representing less than 2% of all drugs), health plans must determine ways to manage the high prices of specialty prescriptions while maintaining high quality care. The 2nd Annual Specialty Drug Management S ummit convenes health plans and other stakeholders to evaluate strategies for managing the high costs of specialty prescription drugs, in order to provide affordable, quality treatments and prescriptions to their members

Medication Adherence and MTM Strategy Summit

Engaging members to appropriately use their medications can reduce the total cost of care. By understanding how data and analytics can determine where adherence initiatives are most effective, and targeting approaches specific to high-risk and specialty medications, plans and providers can better manage costs and quality outcomes. The 4th Medication Adherence and MTM Strategy Summit brings together health plan pharmacy professionals to discuss best practices for improving medication adherence among members. Hear innovative ways to improve member and provider engagement, discuss the impact of MTM, and identify the ROI in adherence initiatives.

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