The PDF brochure for the 6th Annual Value-Based Network and Contract Management Summit is in production. Request it now and our Customer Service team will contact you once the brochure becomes available.

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This summit gave me a lot of different viewpoints and ideas for future PCMH projects!

– Desiree Jonas, Health Systems Analyst, Fl Department of Health

“I was given a lot of information that I will be utilizing in my organization. The integration of behavioral health was most useful.

–Regina King, Chief Clinical Officer, Hamilton Health Center, Inc.

This conference has helped me develop a better understanding of PCMH and to develop upon the things that are already initiated in our organization.

– Shameenah Barbee, Registered Nurse, Hamilton Health Center, Inc.

Very helpful hearing experiences from different entities in outstanding and sustaining PCMH configurations.

– Stan Mitchell, LCSW, South Florida Medical Center

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Call for Papers: Submit Abstract for Presentations

The Patient Centered Clinical Trials Summit is now accepting abstract submissions for 2018!
Deadline is August 1, 2018. Click here for details.