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The 7th Annual Insurer’s Consumer Experience and Retention Summit

The 7th Annual Insurer’s Consumer Experience and Retention Summit

Only 2 weeks left to register. Join over 150 Health Insurance Executives.
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Faculty Interviews

Joan Kelly Joan Kelly, MBA
Chief Patient Experience Officer, NYU Langone Medical Center;
Former Consumer Experience and Innovation Leader, Humana
Successful patient engagement is equal parts innovation and empathy. Chief Patient Experience Officer Joan Kelly addresses some of the patient - centric programs that can transform experiences and drive satisfaction.
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Can we have your retention please?

Join us September 2015 as industry experts from health insurance convene to discuss the best practices in consumer-centered experience, services, and specific retention marketing strategies. Technology, outreach campaigns, education, digital experience, and retention initiatives continue to evolve as plans adjust to the new consumer-focused market. Don't lose your edge by sticking with the status quo – learn the most innovative programs and best practices to improve consumer experience and retention.

Free Video Session

Why you need a wellness program focused on nutrition

Christine Mavilia, Chief Human Resources Officer of Shields Health Care Group and wellness innovator Niraj Jetly, CIO and COO of NutriSavings, discuss the rollout of the NutriSavings program to Shields' employees. Learn how employees earn incentives for healthy grocery shopping and receive nutrition education from NutriSavings as part of Shields' overall wellness strategy.

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Key themes for 2015 include:

  • End-to-End consumer design
  • Consumer-focused digital experience
  • Innovative insights from creative member services and call center programs
  • Multi-cultural outreach and communication strategies
  • CRM and Segmentation Strategies
  • A focus on mobile experience
  • Insights into consumer friendly payment methodologies

Featured Speakers

Mary Ellen Connington
Mary Ellen Connington
Senior Vice President, Quality, and Medical Management
Helene S. Forte
Helene S. Forte, RN, MS, PAHM
Vice President, Care Management
Tufts Health Plan - Network Health
Niraj Jetly
Niraj Jetly
Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Melinda Karp
Melinda Karp
Senior Director, Member Engagement Innovation
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts
Pranav Mehta
Pranav Mehta
Senior Vice President, Product Development and Business Planning
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
Amy N. Swanson
Amy N. Swanson
Vice President of Marketing, Advocacy, and Member Experience
United Healthcare Community Plan of Ohio, Inc.
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