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Featured Session:

Rethink Care Delivery: A Top-Down, Analytics-Based Approach to Personalize Care for Disadvantaged Populations

Hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) are a constant threat to patients and lead to thousands of deaths each year. Learn about the impact of hospital-acquired infections on quality and the penalties incurred.

  • Discover how health equity affects patient outcomes and impacts the delivery of medical care
  • Explore how Sutter gained buy-in and developed a novel, empirical health equity program that can be leveraged by all health systems
  • Determine the internal buy-in and oversight needed to successfully drive and maintain the program
  • Understand development, implementation, and results of a Health Equity Index (HEI)
  • Lessons-learned and general applicability to health systems

Stephen Lockhart
Stephen Lockhart, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Sutter Health


Excellent speakers, cutting edge content, and a chance to be in a room full of big thinkers and innovators - kudos to the organizers!

–Amanda Peden, Policy Analyst, Oregon Health Authority

Conference content was exceptional and very helpful for my organization.

–Michael Nava, Director, Healthcare Strategy, TavHealth

Great conference. It was wonderful to be among like-minded individuals and discuss efforts to work together and solve complex issues!

–Karin Van Zant, Vice President, Life Services, CareSource

Excellent conference and presentations!

–Thelma Hurd, Associate Professor, Surgery, UT Health, San Antonio

Very informative conference covering innovative topics. Answered all my questions about the reality of implementation and operationalization of social determinants of health initiatives.

–Thea James, Vice President, Mission and Associate Chief Medical Officer, Boston Medical Center


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