Pre-Conference Morning Workshops

Sunday, April 29, 2018 • 9:00 AM- 12:00 PM

There will be a 30-minute networking break from 10:45 am – 11:15 am

Morning Workshop I: The Promise of High-Performance Health Care

There is a crop of new health care companies that deliver predictably better health outcomes at lower cost than conventional approaches in high value niches of clinical, financial, and administrative risk.

This workshop brings together vendors, benefits advisers, and purchasers to discuss the dynamics, barriers, and potential within this sector.

Workshop Leaders:

Lee Lewis
Assistant Vice President and Managing Director, Innovation Lab Practice
Arthur J. Gallagher

Scott Haas
Senior Vice President
USI Insurance Services

Edward Smith
Executive Vice President
Hutchinson Traylor

Fred Goldstein
Accountable Health, LLC

Morning Workshop II: Take Control of Your PBM Contracting

Attend this workshop and learn the ABC's of the drug contracting process, starting with the manufacturer. Learn how discounts, formularies, and rebates work and take control of your drug spend. Leverage strategies used by the pharma supply chain in your favor rather than the other way around.

Workshop Leader:

Morning Workshop III: High-Performance Risk Management Platforms

Targeted risk management modules inevitably give way to platforms that integrate solutions to high value clinical, financial, and administrative risks that define health care.

In this workshop, get a close look at the challenges and results of an early effort that incorporates advanced analytics, worksite primary care, musculoskeletal management, and other capabilities.

Workshop Leaders:

Pre-Conference Afternoon Workshops

Sunday, April 29, 2018 • 12:30 PM- 3:30 PM

There will be a 15-minute networking and refreshment break from 2:00 PM - 2:15 PM

A: Leadership MasterClass: Launch, Lead, and Realize Value from Change Initiatives

*Space is limited. This workshop ends at 4 pm.

This case-based MasterClass explores the drama and trauma of daily management, including resistance to change. Discuss critical success factors that transform professionals into more effective leaders, who in turn distinguish their organizations as industry frontrunners. Understand pre-conditions for higher productivity and performance – more speed and lower cost – based on theory and practical examples. A unique highlight of the workshop is a case discussion about healthier leadership and our responsibilities to ourselves, to others, and to our change initiatives.

  • Engage in a provocative case discussion that challenges participants’ decision-making process
  • Explore several enablers that transform individuals into leaders who create a unique and adaptable competitive advantage
  • Understand the tie-in between these pre-conditions for change and the ability to successfully launch, lead, and realize value from change initiatives.

This live activity is eligible for 3.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™. Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity and 3.0 contact hours through the Florida Board of Nursing, Provider # 50-94.


B: Health System Sustainability - Create Pioneering Innovation Opportunities

This workshop explores new models of collaboration that address health system sustainability. Across the world, states and cities face huge health and social care challenges in an environment of increased patient expectations and economic challenges. Solutions require concerted action, imaginative policies, and innovative partnerships harnessing academic, industry, government, health, and social care resources to discover, develop, and deliver accelerated health care innovation. In this workshop, attendees explore, debate, and discuss optimal models of collaboration.

In this Workshop:

  1. Hear innovative health system and industry perspective
    1. Development of a health innovation district in Greater Manchester, the first fully devolved and integrated health and social care system in the UK
    2. Progress and lessons-learned in forging new strategies and partnerships to tackle local and global challenges of financial sustainability
  2. Industry case study
  3. Open discussion and debate of optimal models of collaboration


C. Employer-led Direct Contracting: High-Value Care at Lower Cost

This workshop showcases high-performance health care organizations that excel in clinical, financial, and administrative risk management. Purchasers using a combination of these firms can reasonably expect (often, with guarantees) a 20% reduction in spending in Year 1 and a 40% reduction by Year 3.

This workshop brings together purchasers, benefits advisers, and solutions providers to discuss the dynamics, barriers, and potential within this sector. Topics will include:

  • Identification and vetting of high-performance
  • Scalability and financial guarantees of performance as litmus test issues
  • Why the legacy health care sector has been so resistant to high-performance service offerings
  • Why these high-performance organizations will find one another and come together
  • How "making an offer an employer can't refuse" is the way forward


E: Mitigate Social Determinants of Health: Explore Active Industry-Community Efforts and Results

  • Explore a data-driven approach to community health
    • Case study of how a 10-hospital health system and community partners are improving outcomes
      • Discuss the groundwork for a successful partnership
      • Connect individuals with additional means to access both clinical and non-clinical services
    • Understand how the partnership uses a population health approach and leverages data pre- and post-service
      • Use data to understand ROI
      • Develop a long-term follow up program via data
    • Discuss critical data points to collect including common metrics and changes in self-efficacy
      • How do changes indicate the value of the program?
  • Discuss the necessary IT infrastructure to connect services and organizations and develop a holistic view of a patient or member
    • Explore current initiatives and challenges that blend population health and individual health
      • addressing SDoH in Washington State
      • bringing nonmedical efforts into the medical world at University of Missouri with LifeCourse Tools


F: Getting to the Real Bottom Line – Measuring Wellness Program Results

Wonder whether your wellness program delivers savings and results? Want to make sure you are choosing programs with the highest impact and best savings? In this workshop, find answers to the above questions and walk away with:

  • Useful, practical tools to discern high-value from hype
  • Scientific methods to assess a vendor’s ROI promises
  • Confidence to make great choices for your wellness programs

Understand population health metrics, how measures work, and the role of measure stewards. Learn from case studies, engage in small group discussions, and gain strategies to maximize savings.


G: IMTJ Masterclass: Medical Travel – Opportunities for Employers, Funders and Providers

H. Health Innovation Startup Pitch Competition

Connect with leading digital health startups that have promising innovations that is expected to have a big impact on the industry at large. Our pitch competition consists of 8 vetted startups with traction who deliver pitches to a panel of diverse investors.

Hosted By:

I. Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Payer and Provider Analytics

This workshop is an in-depth technology and application overview of ML and AI applications in health care analytics. It is designed to help payers and providers understand the role and use cases of machine learning for data analytics and their applications to health care. There is broad agreement in the industry and among research communities that AI will significantly alter and improve health care. However, there is a large gap between the generic optimism for revolutionary AI applications in the distant future such as cyborg physicians, fully automated clinics and care supported by robotics, and the current, near-term feasibility of ML and AI use cases from both business and technology points of view.

In this workshop, attendees explore both concepts/applications and implementation:

  • Explore practical and theoretical applications of AI and ML
    • Adopt diverse viewpoints - payer, provider, employer, and consumer – and deconstruct how ML and AI can enrich analytics in health care
  • Gain an in-depth introduction to Machine Learning
    • Essential methods, algorithms, and tools
    • Relationship between ML, AI, statistics, and business intelligence
    • Understand the essential innovative value and novelty of ML and AI methods in the context of HIT
  • Hands-on implementation module using R ML
    • Converting payer and provider use cases to ML Questions
    • Constructing data frames from data sets as ingest to ML platforms (R, Spark MLLib)
    • Implementation of core ML Algorithms:
      • Supervised Learning (Regression, Classification: SVM, NN, Decision Trees)
      • Unsupervised Learning (Clustering, KNN, Text Mining)
  • Open Discussion: How do we critically evaluate the ML and AI use cases, apps, and start-ups for health care?
    • What factors identify MI and AI that can be profitably deployed in the near-term, intermediate-, and long-term?


Prasad Saripalli, PhD,
Professor of Practice - Data Science
University of the Pacific & University of Washington Continuum College