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Payer-Provider Collaboration • Value-Based Contracting Strategy • APMs & TCoC Management.

Payer and provider executives discuss strategies to navigate the transition to value-based contracting and care. Explore best practices to share data, develop transparent communications, optimize patient care, and collectively work toward higher quality care at lower cost.

Top Reasons to Attend:

  • Gain insight into the benefits and drawbacks of health plan-pharma value-based contracting
  • Manage TCoC in the continuum and reduce spending variation
  • Assess progress in the transition to value-based care and payment
  • Strengthen risk-sharing arrangements in payer-provider contracting models
  • Evolve Medicare Advantage program design: Lessons learned to-date on value-based insurance design

Distinguished Speakers Include:

Attendee Acclaim:

The World Health Care Congress is a great opportunity to listen, learn, think, interact, and develop, regardless of where you are in health care. The combination of large venue, high-profile speakers and panelists combined with smaller, more intimate settings optimal for interactions is the perfect forum for meaningful development to occur.

– Senior Vice President, Network Development and Contracting, Cone Health

Keynotes were excellent and a good cross of senior leaders in the industry. Breakouts provide more detail and applications of concept. This isn't a conference where you attend and come away with a list of the magic bullets to change practice. What I appreciate from the World Congress is the conversations of the keynotes and panelists that are reactions to and experiences with the health care industry.

– Executive Director, St. Luke's Health Network

Featured Pre-Conference Workshop:

Leadership MasterClass: Launch, Lead, and Realize Value from Change Initiatives

*Space is limited. This workshop ends at 4 pm.

This case-based MasterClass explores the drama and trauma of daily management, including resistance to change. Discuss critical success factors that transform professionals into more effective leaders, who in turn distinguish their organizations as industry frontrunners. Understand pre-conditions for higher productivity and performance – more speed and lower cost – based on theory and practical examples. A unique highlight of the workshop is a case discussion about healthier leadership and our responsibilities to ourselves, to others, and to our change initiatives.
  1. Engage in a provocative case discussion that challenges participants’ decision-making process
  2. Explore several enablers that transform individuals into leaders who create a unique and adaptable competitive advantage
  3. Understand the tie-in between these pre-conditions for change and the ability to successfully launch, lead, and realize value from change initiatives.


David Shore
David A. Shore, PhD
Faculty, Harvard University; Former Associate Dean
Harvard University School of Public Health
Distinguished Professor of Innovation and Change
Tianjin University of Finance and Economics (China)