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WHCC Partnering and Investments Summit

Health Innovators is a premier place for digital health tech entrepreneurs to innovate and build businesses that will solve our healthcare issues, improve patient outcomes ,and reduce costs in a meaningful and impactful way. The objective of Health Innovators is to develop resources and infrastructures that are necessary to identify early stage opportunities, cultivate and assist healthcare technology startups to create, validate and commercialize ideas.

Health Innovators is a community of healthtech innovators, comprised of an ecosystem of clinicians, programmers, investors, product managers, business developers, "techie" doctors and health professionals whose mission is to help turn ideas for improved healthcare into reality. Health Innovators fosters entrepreneurship and provides start-up businesses in the healthcare tech sector with mentoring, access to a network of resources and other business services designed to accelerate their success, and create jobs in the nation and beyond.

By providing access to investment, mentors, industry experts, other like-minded healthtech entrepreneurs and access to funds, Health Innovators dramatically improves the chances of startups to succeed.

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Health Innovators Track Attendee Qualifications

To qualify and take advantage of the Health Innovators rate, please call our Customer Service team at 800-767-9499 or email

Startup Opportunities

World Health Care Congress, is launching the 1st Annual Health Care Networking for Innovation, Funding and Partnering Exhibition!

Space will be limited to 50 early and late stage health care innovation organizations within the exhibit hall.

World Health Care Congress convenes over 1,500 Payer, Provider, Pharma, Government, Benefit, HR, and Wellness strategic decision makers.