World Health Care Congress, is launching the 1st Annual Health Care Networking for Innovation, Funding and Partnering Exhibition!

Space will be limited to 50 early and late stage health care innovation organizations within the exhibit hall.

World Health Care Congress convenes over 1,500 Payer, Provider, Pharma, Government, Benefit, HR, and Wellness strategic decision makers.

Startup Portfolio

Agamon - Healthcare providers see an influx in medical data that can be used to improve care. However, they lack the time, resources and reach for making this data accessible and valuable. Also, the high bar of regulatory requirements combined with health providers’ lack of data expertise, impose a need for a specialized solution.

Startups, researchers and healthcare innovators face a major hurdle when trying to get hold of data and analyze it for the development of new applications. Over time, big data from medical records and medical devices, combined with genetic data - will become a major driver for medical breakthroughs.

Our goal is to simplify and equalize the opportunity to access data and algorithms in a collaborative way. Agamon is a data marketplace that will revolutionize the way healthcare data & algorithms are aggregated, shared and monetized.

Appto - Hospitals and medical groups need to work smarter, not harder. We know how much money and time is wasted on outdated systems and protocols. That’s why Appto has developed a multi-faceted tool that helps doctors and staff spend less time on tedious activities like data entry or time-consuming administrative tasks so they can spend more time focusing on the patient. Appto’s AI and machine-learning technology enables providers to automate their patient appointment scheduling, triage patients by symptoms and streamline patient communication- all backed by a cloud-based, virtual smart-phone-system. Find out how much time your practice can get back by switching to Appto.

Astarte - Astarte Medical is developing NICUtrition, a proprietary HealthIT platform for standardizing feeding, optimizing nutrition and quantifying gut health for preterm infants. NICUtrition combines evidence-based research, ‘big data’ analytics, and innovative software to efficiently enhance care, reduce costs, and significantly improve preterm infant outcomes, both in the short and long term.

Ballpark - The blockchain platform for creating social capital through assuring authentic and valuable connections . You are in the BALLPARK.

Benebay - Benebay is a platform of self-funded healthcare for small companies. We enable companies with fewer than 100 employees enjoy the savings and transparency of self-funded health benefits model.

High and rising healthcare costs are an especially acute problem for small companies. Benebay solves this problem by offering a unique combination of self-funded health insurance products and digital user experience tailored to small companies. The solution eliminates insurance overhead. Benebay’s solution is based on advanced health insurance administration technology developed and tested in Europe. Now it is customized for the American market and successfully implemented with our first clients.

Big HR Data - Big HR Data improves member engagement and lowers healthcare costs by using data-driven surveys (powered by Qualtrics). The "secret sauce" includes the integration of key Enterprise and External data to drive "deep" analytics which can be used to improve overall communications. Members can interact with our Contact Center at any time.

Burnalong - BurnAlong ( is a Health IT company focused on the wellness and fitness industry. We work with companies, hospitals, community leaders, insurance companies, and brokers, and partner with on-site and local gyms, studios, and wellness professionals). We bridge online and offline experiences by connecting people through video to their friends and classes from instructors and wellness professionals globally. The strength of our platform derives from four key features: consumer autonomy, alignment with partners, network effects, and AI; and drives higher engagement and better outcomes.

CardioVisual - CardioVisual is a patient education and engagement app developed by cardiologists, for healthcare professionals and patients. With curated, videos on all aspects of heart conditions, procedures and treatments, thousands of clinicians use CardioVisual to educate and save time, while giving patients trusted medical information they can access on a smartphone or tablet at POC, discharge and at home.

Circumference Consulting, LLC - Circumference Consulting, LLC provides management consulting services to health plans and other payers and providers in government sponsored value-based programs to define their individual path to long term viability and to aid in implementing strategic initiatives including strategic partnership development, the development of new Medicare and Medicaid products, mergers and acquisitions and private equity funding. Our focus is on strategic innovations and marketplace disrupters particularly as they impact post acute and long term care payment and delivery systems. Our leadership team has over 50 years of strategy and business development experience in managed care, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, Post-Acute and Long Term Care organizations.

4 Ways Home Health is Readying Itself for a Value-Based Economy

Connected Pulse - Connected Pulse, a Dallas, Texas based technology company is focusing on developing a series of evidence based medication activity monitoring devices to ensure medication adherence for patient, care providers.

  • Cloudbased, latest WiFi technology to aid medication adherence compliance
  • No behavior, workflow changes required for patient, caretaker and pharmacist
  • Reminds patient to take medication, real-time monitoring pill taking activities, alerts, reporting of medication activities at point of care and by cloud based secure delivery methods to patient, caretakers and 3rd party
  • Reads all Bayer and Nipro Diagnostic glucose meters, ConnectedPulse Blood Pressure Monitor and Weight Scale and sends those data to cloud automatically

Couplewise - CoupleWise is a digital behavioral health benefit that leverages 60 years of research on how to build long-lasting marriages/relationships, including a proven method for conflict resolution. Why? An employee’s satisfaction with their family life directly correlates to reduced absenteeism, lower healthcare costs, improved productivity, culture, and retention.

Cy Vision- We provide patented cybersecurity End-to End Visibility & Automation delivering exponentially more secure computing environments.

Doctors Next Door - Disruptive medtech solution for conventional doctor house call. Doctors Next Door - universal digital platform to provide health-care solutions and help people.

Eden Health - Eden Health is a personal health platform comprised of providers, benefits experts and more, designed to elevate the health and wellbeing of employees everywhere. Our comprehensive approach guarantees that utilization, health and financial metrics are met via at-risk contracts, enabling employers to confidently achieve their healthcare goals.

Epharmix - Epharmix helps self-insured employers and health systems in value-based contracts remotely monitor and engage their high-to rising risk patients. We use an accessible and scalable system of automated SMS texts and phone calls to collect patient-reported, disease-specific biometrics and symptoms in real-time. Our questions are clinically validated by medical experts to ensure that they yield the most impactful patient data, with superior outcomes published in nine peer-reviewed journals. By automatically triaging patients experiencing poor health, we make it easy for care management to provide targeted, timely care to prevent an exacerbation or avoidable hospitalization. We help care teams spend more time caring for patients, less time collecting routine data. Our 23 disease-specific tools align with 42 quality metrics or national improvement initiatives, enabling revenue generation and cost savings, in addition to greater staff efficiency.

Self-guided interactive demo:

Peer-reviewed journal publications:

EpigeneticsRx - EpigeneticsRx unleashes the power of personalized medicine. We empower and inspire practitioners and patients in optimizing genetic potential through precise, personalized protocols that positively impact patients’ health and future generations. EpigeneticsRx identifies actionable genetic data and biomarkers to provide personalized nutrigenomic health plans for consumers and healthcare providers. We offer an end-to-end solution that enables providers to easily implement genomics into their practice and provides consumers the vetted resources needed to “express their best DNA.”

“The new science of epigenetics reveals the choices you make can influence your genes-and those of your families.” EpigeneticsRx patients have documented their treatment as a “miracle” and “…its given my life back.” Over the past five years, we have collaborated with hundreds of World-Class physicians who have treated thousands of patients. The life changing patient outcomes have been validated in published studies. The company provides cost saving benefit programs to self-funded employers, military/government programs, health systems and payers.

EZaccessMD - Discover All We Treat
When you or a loved one needs to speak with a physician, our team is available 24/7/365 to diagnose and treat many common disorders over the phone. Our TeleHealth Mobile Care team can provide in-home x-rays/ultrasounds and basic lab work for members in our service region. After your consult, we’ll follow up to check your progress.

Face2Face Health - 1 in 5 kids in the U.S. have health challenges and are unable to meet their developmental potential without help. That’s 15+ million children AND 30M+ parents searching for information, guidance, and care - often anxiously and in frustration. Is one of your children among these? Are you one of these parents?

Face2Face Health is here for you. Imagine being able to go to ONE trusted place where you can learn about the top health and wellness concerns, get care from the best providers and experts across traditional and holistic specialties and disciplines, and share in your journey with others. Imagine ONE trusted place where all aspects of your child’s health and wellness and all your needs to support them can be addressed. This is what Face2Face Health provides.

Face2Face Health is the first web and mobile well-rounded, coordinated, collaborative, and connected digital care platform for children and their caregivers.

With Face2Face Health you get access to:

  • Virtual and concierge care across healthcare disciplines and other experts
  • Online communities for support and sharing
  • Expert curated, evidence-based, interactive e-learning and webinars across disciplines for the top 100+ conditions impacting children

The top 20 challenges that children birth to 18 face cost our healthcare system over $200B+ annually. The Face2Face Health platform aims to reduce the cost, while at the same time helping maximize the developmental potential of 15+ million children across the U.S. by offering value-based care.

Firstwatch Health - First saliva-based consumer wellness, self-testing platform for Prediabetes, stress, cardiovascular, children's wellness and other health conditions. No blood, no needles, instantaneous. Empowers consumers and employees to know if they are getting sick before they are. Creates new "tip of spear" in consumer prevention and screening that lower future health costs; tracks user testing data; and connects providers, payers, and consumers.

HealthFeed - HealthFeed is a new and innovative way to engage, empower, and activate patients using fully automated multi-channel digital interventions that help you transform the patient engagement experience.

IM Your Doc - 77% of Americans transact their entire lives on their mobile devices from banking and investing to ordering pizza or listening to music. Every industry has met the consumer demand to communicate and transact on their phones, except healthcare…and it is costly. Ineffective communication in healthcare is damaging to patient outcomes and leads to huge losses in revenue for hospitals and clinics. Antiquated methods like fax, paging and phone trees lead to lost patient reimbursement and costly readmissions and mistakes, unpaid medical bills, large fines for HIPAA violations and many other frustrations and lost revenue. The healthcare industry’s attempt to answer this problem is patient portals, finding little success with more than 70% of patients not utilizing their portals. Communication in healthcare is ripe for disruption. IM Your Doc is the mobile-first messaging application disrupting provider-to-provider and patient-to-practice engagement. Anchored in a fully HIPAA-compliant environment, IM Your Doc facilitates real-time delivery and notifications that boost response, engagement and outcomes. IMYD works as a stand alone cross-platform application and is increasingly working as an integrated and integral component to existing software platforms. With over 15,000 registered users and a market tested and proven technology, IMYD has a million messages passed per quarter by thousands of users. We now seek to scale using strategic partnerships and are in current discussions with 3 of the top EHR platforms, 2 patient management platforms and a large healthcare system.

Jack Russell - Jack Russell bridges the communication gap between healthcare providers and patients through easily customizable patient experiences on tablet devices at the point-of-care.

Learn more at or contact

mdbillpay - mdbillpay is changing the way how medical practices communicates and patients pay for healthcare services. Patients receive e-statements via text and email, meaning more than 75% of practices patients will be notified of an open balance on the same day the statements are generated. mdbillpay allows practices to take back control of their open patient balances, and track when a particular patient has been notified about an open balance.

Medxoom - Medxoom lowers self-funded employer healthcare costs, drives higher employee health benefits engagement, and dramatically reduces employee deductibles and out of pocket spend with a SaaS CRM platform providing cost transparency, identity, and payments, via machine learning and predictive risk models.

MemoryWell - MemoryWell is a digital platform for telling the life stories of seniors. Using our network of more than 400 professional writers, we work with consumers, residential facilities and home health agencies to replace burdensome intake questionnaires with brief, intimate stories designed to build empathy and be poignant keepsakes for families.

nCore Communications - nCore Communications is a California based startup company, developing new SD-WAN security gateway for the private and public networks and Cloud services, mitigating the vulnerabilities associated with current cybersecurity. nCore Communications security technology is a complementary mix of the well-established IP and mobile protocols. By careful integration of these two security protocols, nCore has been able to create a more robust and ubiquitous security for today’s healthcare infrastructure which is also a mix of mobile and IP (private & Cloud) networks.

NeoZenome Therapeutics - NeoZenome is a start up Healthcare services company with a clear focus around Precision Oncology, providing individualized healthcare with cost effectiveness and outcome driven. We are, most probably, the first of its kind commercial organization in this domain, operating on a global scale. Our services include cancer prevention, early detection, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment, through our Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) which is driven by insights gained through the analysis and interpretation of large genomic, proteomic, and pharmacological knowledge bases. Our CDSS is Cloud based with a global spread providing Cancer Therapeutics solutions to the patients through Hospitals, Doctors and Clinicians, enabling them to make superior and precise clinical decisions.

Our unique CDSS is the integration of Genotype, Phenotype and Stratified approaches; for improved medical decision making and Dramatic Risk Reduction and Fast Recovery.

Next In Line - Next In Line provides technology platforms to help practices streamline the appointment scheduling process, relieve staff burden, generate more revenue, and improve the patient experience.

Opiod Help Center - Opioid Help Center is transforming public health & safety. OHC puts the opioid impacted individual on the path to recovery with help of caregivers.

Optonome - A mobile platform that is FREE for anyone to sign up, communicate with team members and train to support individuals with autism or intellectual disabilities. Providers or families can set up beacon sensors in homes to create smart homes for trained users who can support based on state regulations, manage complex behaviors, and document administrative/healthcare activities with less supervision.

Orbita - Orbita is the leading digital platform for “Voice First” experience management that powers voice enabled devices, voice assistants, bots, and other conversational applications. The Orbita Voice Experience Designer is the first graphical development tool for easily creating and managing intelligent, voice-powered assistants for Amazon Echo, Google Home, and other voice platforms.

Personal Social Network Clinic - The Personal Social Network Clinic (PerSoN Clinic) is a patent-pending multi-chronic conditions self help management and patient remote monitoring platform with a focus on Cancer, Depression and Smoking Addiction. PerSoN combines patient clinical data, physiological, social behavior and environmental data for better outcome. PerSoN closes communication gaps between patient, caregivers, care provider and health researchers.

Program Health Plus – concierge medicine system at Czech Republic. It is based at Prague and is composed of central clinic for complex premium out-patient care (20 specializations) and net of personal physicians ( internists and pediatricians ) at larger cities. Program Health Plus cooperate with the laboratories, imaging centers and "boutique" surgical and orthopedic centers, as well as specialized hospitals on the base of volume contracts. System pays them for the organization of the care and sending of the medical records, images and all other data. Program Health Plus is the only system with the complete digital health records at CEE countries.

Reliant Immune Diagnostics - Reliant Immune Diagnostics are developing innovative diagnostic tests for detection of certain allergies, infections and diseases. The team at Reliant is creating a consumer facing rapid diagnostic device that can function as a rapid diagnostic for flu, cold, and certain types of allergies.

Replete Health - Replete Health facilitates shared decision making by combining clinical and detailed behavioral data while nudging users/patients to better behaviors using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

SidekickHealth - Founded by doctors, SidekickHealth is a digital health company that empowers people to live healthy and prevent their risk for chronic diseases. With SidekickHealth, employers and care providers can deliver engaging, personalized and scalable lifestyle change programs that improve health outcomes and reduce costs. Learn more at

Spreemo Health - Spreemo Health is successfully tackling one of employers largest cost-centers, musculoskeletal injuries, where unnecessary surgeries and invasive procedures result in significant patient harm and employer expense. Often musculoskeletal injuries require advance imaging to assist in the determination of additional treatment, including surgery. Despite the prevailing belief that advanced imaging - radiology - is a commoditized service, leading clinical research conducted in collaboration with Hospital for Special Surgery has demonstrated significant and harmful diagnostic errors occur within radiology, upwards of 43%, driving inappropriate and costly care to employers, and significant harm to patients. Spreemo Health is an early stage spin-off of a large, successful referral management platform that has demonstrated very meaningful ROI by risk-assessing patients for diagnostic errors and redirecting those patients to radiology centers-of-excellence in their communities.

Spruce Health - Spruce Health is now partnering with leaders in charge of onsite clinics to establish a highly engaged, personalized, and consumer-focused channel of communication between their employees and onsite clinic/wellness programs to improve patient access and experience, ultimately reducing PEPM and increasing utilization.

SSOT Health - A Healthcare Foundation building Blockchain powered healthcare framework and a network. SSOT HEALTH is like an Ethereum for healthcare industry, building smart contracts driven network from ground up. HEALTH TECH companies and start-ups that can adopt and benefit from its framework.

SSOT Health addressing all the major challenges facing the healthcare data analytics industry today. Using blockchain technology, SSOT Health will enhance data security, unhackable data storage which should help all users of healthcare data comply with HIPAA. Driven by Ethereum smart contracts, the SSOT Health platform also removes data silos by tying medical history data to global patient IDs and enables trustless interoperability across electronic health systems. Plus, the SSOT Health platform facilitates the tokenization of healthcare data across key stakeholders, which should help better align economic incentives. Our Solutions: SecuredEMR The SecuredEMR is the first app developed ground up using Blockchain technology in the world. SecuredEMR is data wallet with anyone and who has control to whom share using iron-clad security protocol powered by SSOT Blockchain framework. SecuredPharma The SecurePharma is the first ground-breaking Blockchain based Pharma application. Improved workflow, built in AI based algorithm helps individual , pharmacy, PBMs and drug manufacturers in the supply chain. The product is regulatory compliant and audit ready app. SecuredClaims The SSOT Blockchain powered application with SSOT AI engine handles complexities of insurance claims. It manages fraud in various lines of business in the insurance industry. Append only ledger process with SSOT framework is fully securing the the insurance data from fraud.

Stellar Health - Stellar Health is tech-enabled service that increases payor profitability by improving Quality and Medical Loss Ratio via unique physician empowerment. We do this by providing physicians unique Point-of-Care software and couple it with specific incentive payments to change how they spend their time towards value based activities.

SUPERIOR CYBER SECURITY, LLC - The Mission of SCS is to bring the technologies of protective cyber science to organizations having potential exposure to the very high cost threat of criminal cyber invasion of private client, patient and corporate information. Our associated teams include extensive experience in commercial/Government intelligence and cyber operations and the protection of critical national infrastructure. Our team is supported by specialists cyber analysts, with unparalleled experience of some of the most sophisticated threats in today's complex security environment.

Uptime Health - UptimeHealth provides healthcare facilities with the affordable software tools to manage their medical devices and reduce the cost of equipment ownership. We are a team of professionals that understand the regulatory issues involved with medical equipment maintenance and the associated documentation. Our mission is to develop software to automate the administrative and paperwork burdens so healthcare facilities can focus on patient care.

UptimeHealth has developed the first marketplace to find certified independent service providers for medical device repairs. If you would like to learn more about how to use the marketplace or sign up to be a provider, please come by our booth.

Automate Deep Learning with Vizadata. Make smarter and better decisions faster and achieve predicted outcomes using our cloud-based automated machine-learning platform as a service. Vizadata enables business users to apply deep learning for predictive and prescriptive analytics - in minutes without a PhD. Use the world's first and only true single-click deep learner and explore the results using advanced data visualization. Challenge us today to show you the predictive and prescriptive future of tomorrow. Move from Intution to Prediction with Vizadata.

Wellsheet - Wellsheet saves doctors from EHR burnout through physician-centric design and machine learning. Our product sits within the existing EHR and predictively surfaces the most important patient data and clinical resources based on specialty and the unique context of each patient encounter. We then accelerate next steps in workflow, such as order entry and documentation, seamlessly enabled by our partnerships with the major EHR vendors.

Wellstart Health - WellStart Health is utilizing evidence-based digital therapeutics to reverse chronic disease. WellStart Health is an intensive lifestyle change program led by highly-qualified physicians, dietitians and health coaches. The goal of the 12-week program is to support participants with chronic conditions, or those at high risk, to slow down and reverse their illnesses by empowering them with the knowledge and practical skills to take control of their own health. Many participants reduce and even eliminate medications, and feel better than they'd ever imagined possible!

9zest - 9zest provides m-health solutions for people suffering from the debilitating conditions Parkinson's, Stroke, and Chronic Pain.

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