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What a great experience to be at the Congress. It was amazing to see the wealth of knowledge and leaders from various facets of health care assemble at the World Health Care Congress. Because of the interaction, participation, and networking at the event, I know I'm not alone in the effort to continue transforming health and health care. The future is bright for us all – thanks to the Congress for organizing the event.

Praveen Chopra
– Praveen Chopra, Executive Vice President, Chief Information and Transformative Innovative Environment Officer, Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health

Very much appreciate the opportunity to participate in WHCC this year. It's one of my favorite industry events.

Craig Samitt, MD
– Craig Samitt, MD, Executive Vice President, Chief Clinical Officer, Anthem, Inc.

It was a fantastic conference. My first time. What a great combination of content and networking. I met more people I ‘should have known by now' at this meeting than any in recent memory, including someone working on the policy side of what I have been doing operationally for 15 years – who it turns out was in college with me but we'd never met.

John Santopietro, MD, DFAPA
– John Santopietro, MD, DFAPA, Chief Clinical Officer, Behavioral Health, Carolinas HealthCare System

This was my first time attending it and I was pleasantly surprised by the breadth of topics covered. It was excellent opportunity to interact with various streams of Health care industry.

Rashmi Gupta
– Rashmi Gupta, HHS Idea Lab Entrepreneur-In-Residence (EIR), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

I really enjoyed my session. The delegates were clearly engaged in the discussion and the Q & A.

Joan Harvey
– Joan Harvey, Vice President, Consumer Health Engagement, CIGNA

Great event with rich content, thoughtful ideas and valuable information.

Vijay Venkatesan
– Vijay Venkatesan, Chief Data Officer, Providence Health and Services

The World Health Care Congress” is a great opportunity to listen, learn, think, interact and develop, regardless of where you are in health care. The combination of large venue, high profile speakers and panelists combined with smaller, more intimate settings optimal for interactions is the perfect forum for meaningful development to occur.

I David Kibbe
– I David Kibbe, Senior Vice President, Network Development and Contracting, Cone Health

The World Congress was an amazing collection of thought leaders and front line leaders in health care. All were very generous and open with their opinions and insight and I highly recommend this conference.

Elisabeth Stambaugh, MD
– Elisabeth Stambaugh, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Cornerstone Health Care

I thought the entire conference was extremely well done and the interview studio was no exception!

David C Contorno
– David C Contorno, President of Lake Norman Benefits, a Member of the Hilb Group

Great networking opportunity and good information.

Jesse Cureton
– Jesse Cureton, Chief Consumer Officer, Novant Health

The Congress was superior. WHCC is to be commended for its efforts to make a difference in the years to come with the information shared at the event. Bravo!!

– Laurie Wedel, MSHRD, SPHR, Vice President and Benefits Manager, The Bancorp

I feel this conference gives you the ‘best bang for your buck' based on all of the selections you can make during your attendance. I went between bundled payments, behavioral health, data and technology to have a well-rounded experience.

– Eric Jones, Director of Claims Management, Community Behavioral Health

Keynotes were excellent and good cross of senior leaders in the industry. Breakouts provide more detail and applications of concept. This isn't a conference where you attend and come away with a list of the magic bullets to change practice. What I appreciate from the World Congress is the conversations of the keynotes and panelists that are reactions to and experience with the health care industry.

– Christine Lewis, Executive Director, St. Luke's Health Network

Excellent collaborative sharing of exemplars that address critical health and public welfare issues.

– Sheila Burke, DNP, VP of Nursing, Education Affiliates ING

I came to the Congress to get "updated" on health care topics. I left not only getting those updates but learning more and understanding the questions I should take home to move my organization forward.

– Kori Kovak, CEO, Karuk Tribe Health & Human Services

A great collection of thought leaders and active innovators in the health care industry coming together to exchange ideas - not always agree but learn and develop for the betterment of patient care and management.

– Katrina Miller, Chief Medical Information Executive, LA Care Health Plan

Confirming the direction of health care confirmed the innovative direction of my bundled initiative. Added to my need to educate myself within my domain.

– Jeffrey Kotzen, M.D, Physician Advisor, Good Samaritan Medical Ctr

Amazing knowledge from presenters. Great passion. Very much gave the feelings of hope even when addressing the realities of our current system. Impressive speakers, gave real information including challenges along with opportunities to move forward.

– Michelle Williams, Sr. Managing Director of Integrated Health, Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC)

The World Health Care Congress is a great forum to expand your knowledge on a variety of different topics in one place!!

– Jesse Gavin, Wellness Coordinator, Baylor College of Medicine

The primary benefit of this combined health care congress is the 40,000 foot view that it supplies of the current health care landscape As a provider, I want to see all perspectives of the trending issues, not just those concerning my silo. This allows me to provide more value and to be a more compassionate advocate for my patients.

– Jon Raley, DC, Chiropractor/Speaker/Well-being Educator, Three Notch Chiropractic

Conference was diverse and we liked the ability to jump from track to track.

– Scott Streator, President, Acceleration Health

This is my first time here and I'm learning something in every session.

– Susan Hollabaugh, Vice President, Health Care Regulatory Analysis, Radnet

Well attended. It was a diverse group of attendees and the sessions were informative.

– Justin Guadagno, Vice President, Sales, CareCentrix

Zubin was a lot of fun. Really enjoyed his keynote and learned a lot too.

– Jon Boush, Enterprise Account Exec, HealthCrowd

I'm new to the health care industry and I feel like this conference validated what I learned so far. It has also taught me some new things which I can take back and continue to learn.

– Derek Bowman, Director, Marketing and Sales, SHARP

Of the people who came by, they were of the type of account and contacts we most wanted to see.

– Russell Smith, Manager of Managed Markets, Medela LLC

As an international payment provider, it was great to connect with attendees involved in medical tourism.

– Daniel Jurgens, Regional Manager, Western Union Business Solutions

The segment on Medical Tourism that was of great interest to me was very informative. The Speakers gave a broad overview of the Industry. The rest of the conference was topical covering all areas of the uncertainties of health care in the US. High caliber of Speakers.

– Trishna Dey, Consultant Medical Tourism India, Columbia Asia

The conference brings together the thought leaders of the health care industry to guide the development of strategy for multiple stakeholders.

– Michelle Hills, Director, New Business Development, ODH, Inc.

Great experience with wonderful exposure.

– Eric Gaither, Senior Account Executive, Amplifon