The PDF brochure for the 14th Annual GHCC Medicare Summit is in production. Request it now and our Customer Service team will contact you once the brochure becomes available.

Featured Speakers

2017 Speaker Interview

JenCare is a member of the ChenMed family which provides concierge style care to seniors at its 39 health care centers across nine U.S. markets. Dr. Ian Persaud explains why the patients' family members play a significant role in any system of care.

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Ian Persaud, MD, MPH
Medical Director, Cardiology and Specialty Care
JenCare Tidewater, VA - ChenMed

Our 2018 meeting will include:

  • Networking with executives from Medicaid, Medicare, and D-SNP programs
  • Plan, Provider, and State perspectives
  • The impact of government programs reform on the health care ecosystem
  • Topics on value-based care, quality, risk adjustment, policy, payment reform, and more!

Call for Papers

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14th Annual GHCC Medicare Summit is now accepting abstract submissions for 2018!

Deadline: 03/23/2018