with Heidi Musgrave, PhD ABPP-CN, Director of Behavioral Science at Fort Wayne Medical Education Program
Susan Hawk

1. What do you love most about your work?
What I love most about my work is the ability to have a positive influence on people’s health. I love direct patient contact and evaluating how their individual situation affects their healthcare. Empowering patients to assess their goals and teaching them tools how they can make changes that will increase their ability to achieve those goals.

2. What’s most exciting about the integrated health care space today?
The most exciting thing about integrated health care space today is the blank slate that is offered. At times it is a bit nebulous, but there are vast numbers of opportunities to be pioneers and create great patient encounters and to work with multiple disciplines. Actually working side-by-side is so effective in being consistent with our messages to patients.

3. Can you share a short story of recent, significant professional achievement?
Recently, I had a challenging case that did not fit the standard profile of someone with this disorder. I reached out, via email from a professional listserv, a person who was an expert in area. She graciously went through the case with me and then asked me if I was interested in co-writing a chapter on the subject using my case as one that is illustrated. It was a great experience and I am excited to see it published this year.

4. What are you most looking forward to learning about at this year’s Summit?
This is my first Summit and I am looking forward to meeting new people, networking, and learning from others what works in their systems and taking that knowledge back home and applying their wisdom to improve patient outcomes.

5. Who was a mentor for you and what is a bit of their advice/instruction you often refer to?
The most important mentor in my life/career has been my father. He always told me to “Get your education because no one can ever take it away from you”. He also said “earn a good reputation and preserve it because if you lose it, it is very hard to rebuild."

BONUS: What’s your favorite music playlist?
I hit a milestone birthday last year, and had a “Totally Awesome” 80’s themed party. I created a playlist on Spotify that encompassed the whole decade. The process of creating it brought up lots of memories from that time of my life. It was fun to watch others at the party identify with the songs. The playlist also included several songs by Rick Springfield. I attended two of his concerts last year and they were so much fun.

Hear from Heidi
Heidi will present the session Evaluate the Pros and Cons of Screening Tools: Panacea or Pandora’s Box at the 7th Annual Summit on Integrating Behavioral Health and Primary Care Models, May 21-22, 2018 in Orlando, FL. Discussion points include:
  • Identify the basic tenants of screening tools, their purpose, benefits and risks for misuse
  • Examine cognitive screening tools to discuss the need for proper training of team members in administration and interpretation of these tools
  • Coach warm handoffs to connect patients to interdisciplinary services that can address their needs
About Heidi
Dr. Musgrave is the Director of Behavioral Science at Fort Wayne Medical Education Program. She has been teaching Family Medicine residents and Medical School students for 12 years. She is also board certified in Clinical Neuropsychology and has a private practice. She conducts evaluations that services both inpatient and outpatient populations.

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