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Medicare Marketing & Enrollment Strategies 2014

Medicare Marketing & Enrollment Strategies 2014
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Wednesday, March 12, 2014
8:00 am -
8:30 am

Morning Coffee

8:30 am -
8:45 am

Summit Chairman’s Review of Day One

Leonard Kirschner Leonard Kirschner, MD, MPH
Past President
AARP Arizona
8:45 am -
9:30 am

Convert Your Marketing Message to Demonstrate the Value of Your Star Quality Ratings and Increase Sales

Strategies used by Medicare Advantage plans to improve their star ratings are constantly evolving. And with CMS granting bonuses to only 4 and 5 star rated plans starting in 2015, along with other upcoming payment changes, plans must do more with fewer resources and leverage marketing plans to gain greater results. This session provides tips and lessons learned to climbing the Five-Star quality rating system while incorporating a marketing plan accordingly

  • Gain a stronger knowledge of the Five-Star Quality Rating System
  • Utilize your brand, direct marketing, and online marketing efforts to best market your plan given your current rating
  • Learn how an integrated marketing plan can help improve scores
William J. Justice William J. Justice
Director, Marketing Sales
Vantage Health Plan
9:30 am -
10:15 am

Case Study:Utilize an Aging-In Retirement Portal to Assist Your Members in All Their Retirement Needs

Aging-in will play a big part in Medicare participants, since they have 90 days before they turn 65 and 90 days after, to sign up for Medicare Advantage. Plans can make the retirement process easier for seniors by implementing a retirement portal system. This session highlights one system by showing different ways members are aided, such as:

  • Automatic notification of upcoming dates, exclusive to each member’s own retirement through a retirement calculator
  • Provide important information regarding senior’s Medicare, what they need to do on any given day, as well as information about their social security
Robert R. Ditwiler Robert R. Ditwiler
South Shore Venture Enterprises
10:15 am -
10:45 am

Networking and Refreshment Break

10:45 am -
11:15 am

Market to the Dual Eligible Population

  • Overcome the challenges in place when marketing towards dual eligibles by understanding what key information must be included
  • Optimize marketing efforts in all environments of living — Independent Living, Assisted Living, Nursing Home
  • Effectively manage cost and care for the members of dual eligible programs
Julie Rhodovi Julie Rhodovi , MBA, CWCA, FACCWS
Director of Managed Care
Gordian Medical, Inc.
11:15 am -
12:00 pm

Private Exchanges- Where Does Medicare Fit?

  • Types of  Exchanges – Including Sample Site Screen Shots
    • Single Carrier
    • Government
    • Benefits Consultants
    • Agencies
  • Understand what Medicare has taught the Exchanges
    • What matters to users?
    • How do they shop?
  • Discuss what Medicare can learn from the Exchanges
    • The Paradox of Choice
    • Shopping Preferences
  • Key Statistics – What do users of Private Exchanges care about?
    • Results of our HealthCare Shopping Survey
  • The next decade – What to expect
  • Assess what you should be thinking about/doing now
Jeff Yaniga Jeff Yaniga
Vice President, Private Exchanges
12:00 pm -
12:30 pm

Prepare and Distribute Marketing Materials with Limited Resources

  • Formulate your marketing plan and assemble your team
  • Manage the crush and sheer volume of materials that need to be ready to go out the door without becoming overwhelmed as a small team
  • Use technology to support your processes, including SharePoint, HotDoc’s, Nintex, and Litera
  • Explore the benefits of different channels used to increase sales — Direct mail, TV ads, sponsorships in community, etc.
  • Apply the use of QR codes on direct mail, posters, and ads to draw consumers to unique pages
Jennifer Loranger Jennifer Loranger
Government Programs Systems and Project Leader
Health New England
12:30 pm -
1:15 pm

Networking Luncheon

1:15 pm -
2:00 pm

Market to Seniors Both Pre- and Post-AEP in Today’s Digital World

Explore trends and behaviors of seniors, particularly how they differ from the Special Election Period to the Annual Enrollment Period. Understand the differences as they relate to seniors in the digital space and their willingness to enroll online versus over the phone through a call center environment.

William Stapleton William Stapleton
Chief Executive Officer
HealthPlanOne, LLC
2:00 pm -
2:45 pm

Understand Healthcare Evolution: ”Hillary Care” to “Obamacare” to the Arkansas Private Option

  • Remember Harry & Louise- The ACA was preceded 20 years ago by the battle over “Hillary Care”. Discuss what we learned in its failure viewed against “Obamacare”
  • The ACA, aka “Obamacare”- Identify what was similar to the “Hillarycare” debate of two decades ago but yet different enough to pass by the slimmest of margins
  • Arkansas’ “Private Option”- with the first GOP legislative majority in a 140 years, learn how it was possible for the state to be the only one in the South to pass expanded health coverage to low income adults
  • Discuss why there are an increasing number of states looking to Arkansas as the model for a conservative waiver approach to expanding Medicaid, many of which are older low income adults with chronic unmet needs. Can we get these people healthier in advance of their 65th birthday and save Medicare money?
Ray Hanley Ray Hanley
President and Chief Executive Officer
Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care
2:45 pm -
3:30 pm

Shared Spotlight Session

Leverage Community Partnerships to Gain a Genuine Grassroots Connection with Consumers and Drive Acquisition, Retention, and Trust

Community organizations and groups can lend the perfect bridge to your target consumer group. Learn how to build and foster these partnerships to create credible and valued relationships with consumers during this spotlight session.

  • Utilize community groups and local business partners to optimize outreach
  • Increase credibility with community members by being introduced through a non-threatening, personal, and trusted outlet
  • Discuss what physical outpost forms best foster interactions and how to offer guidance, information, and actionable opportunities during interactions
Mark Santiago Mark Santiago
Senior Vice President, Operations
Hudson Health Plan
Shared Programming
3:30 pm

Close of Congress